Sexual fantasies, how to share it with your husband?

Sexual fantasies, how to share it with your husband?

As the statistics and the practice show, men and women are afraid to share with each other their sexual fantasies. No matter what is the sexual fantasy, because for everyone it’s personal and seemingly impossible. Of course, if you won’t speak about it, it will remain only in your dreams.

Sexual fantasies, how to share it with your husband

Everyone has his own sexual experience. Someone prefers BDSM, another one is OK about sex in the beautiful bedroom on a huge bed. Namely starting from the practice, a person starts having fantasies.

Before you share your sexual fantasies with your husband or wife, keep in mind your experience and attitude to innovations in sex. The decision about participating in different sexual fantasies and desire to bring it to life depends on the result of your conversation.

To make your dream come true, try starting small. First try different poses, then go to oral sex and then – anal. Thus, you will understand the mood of the spouse and how he is ready you make it real. Only when the “trodden trail” you can procced to the next stage and, like, among other things, to tell about what had long wanted. Then it won’t be shocking and something upset.

Besides, the one who shared a fantasy, gets double fun. First, the imagination was taken and implemented, and, secondly, there were no scandals or, quarrels. Everything happened by mutual agreement.

To share your sexual fantasy and not to get in trouble, try to talk about it from a third party. It may look something like this: “Imagine, today, Lena shows us a video at work…”. Don’t show you indignation or derision, just quietly tell about it. When you start ridiculing or reproaching it, your husband can just stand by your opinion, even if he really liked it. In any case, watch the reaction, and you will be able to navigate by it.

Perhaps, your spouse has his own “skeletons in the closet” and he is also hesitant to reveal his fantasies. Every man is individual and in most cases tries to please his wife, even when talking about sex, they do, what their wife want to, completely forgetting about themselves. Make a good thing to your husband and find out what he wants and get the maximum pleasure, awakened his senses. Maybe, husband wants to see you in a police or nurse uniform, or maybe wants you to become a strict teacher. So don’t waste your time and give him an unforgettable night.

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