TOP-5 Signs of Female Sexual Attractiveness

TOP-5 Signs of Female Sexual Attractiveness

2nd Position. Natural Gifts

This point is more difficult to complain. Laws of nature remain constant: men love with their eyes. But here is the good news: different men like different women. Find someone who will see you as an ideal of beauty. Not to torture yourself keeping diets and persistently transforming straight hair into intricate curls you should just accept your external advantages and maximally demonstrate them. Be thankful to things that nature gave you. You need not change yourself as it can steal your man. Do you know the main rule of successful alliance of both sexes? It is to find someone who will love you with all your strengths and weaknesses!

2nd Position. Natural Gifts

Stop criticizing your body every day and create a motivating picture on which you can write only one phrase – “I am the best!” Every time you pass by it repeat it if it is a mantra. And you will definitely meet a real admirer of your beauty!

3rd Position. Self-Confidence

The woman that can control her body loves it and can present her man much sensual pleasure. Also, she gives an unambiguous hint that she is ready to enjoy his body. Self-confidence is a kind of magnet that wonderfully attracts men. The woman that is confident in her attractiveness is attractive. But it is quite problematic to learn this skill from scratch as it is not enough to read just a hundred of books of the series “How to Love Yourself”. Here systematic self-improvement, personal growth and, probably, body and soul practices (such as meditation or yoga) are very important.

Another good recommendation is to go dancing. Choose sensual directions, for example, tango, salsa or belly dance. They will allow to express your femininity from a new perspective.

4th Position. Good Appearance

Women often make a mistake when they consider it as the most essential thing. The survey showed that not every man can appraise the right combination of makeup and manicure. He appreciates the appearance of the representative of the gentle sex as a whole. Moreover, the man who wants to have a girlfriend in an “ideal” package can be suspected in narcissism. Such man searches not a life companion but a stylish accessory that will look good walking with him.

5th Position. Individual characteristics

We dare to upset rich girls: neither you love to popular poets nor your interest in violin will be attractive for men. Especially if your hair need an assistance of a hairstylist and a baggy sweater makes you look older. Diffidence and fear of life will not be interesting for representatives of the other sex, they will just discourage them.

So what to do? Come out of the “cocoon”, love life and start enjoying it unscrupulously.

Misunderstanding about Female Sexuality

Long-haired beauties are more passionate

False! It is difficult to distinguish sexuality of representatives of the gentle sex. Fashion of short hair sometimes makes women with long hair leave it and cut it off. The length of woman’s hair is historically connected with an internal power. Proponents of this theory believe that the long hair improves self-awareness.

Long-haired beauties are more passionate

However, if speaking about mature women, women with short hair can likely gave a man a powerful sexual hint. As for younger ladies, here there is a difficulty: their appearance reflects their individuality. Ladies with short hair are either representatives of minority of the sex or girls with clear internal problems so men should not have relationships with them.

Passionate women are with clean-shaven pubis

False! Shaving is the last thing women think about. Ladies are more interested in men. They give them a sincere smile and make friends with them, which smoothly transforms into sexual relationships.

As for pubis, we shall present results of the sociological survey again. More than 50 % of women prefer not to behold their vulvar lips in a naked form. They remove hair just for hygiene, comfort of her sexual partner and neat look at the beach.

The best mistresses are women with hairy legs

True! However, epilation of this area have recently become a life norm. But for some women it is enough to shave their legs once a week to bare the ankles and others need shave them almost every day. The fault for it is testosterone. As it is well known, it is one of the main male hormones. A lack of them in the feminine body means her skill of controlling a man and expressing activity and aggressiveness during sex. Such women prefer only handsome men that can be even younger. Sometimes their love resembles strong friendship but they need sexual pleasure even more often than skinny blondes with thin voices.

The color of underwear distinguishes woman’s temperament

True and false at the same time!

The color of underwear distinguishes woman’s temperament

Each self-respecting lady must have several sets of underwear of different colors and designs in her wardrobe. But if she prefers one of them, she can be characterized as follows:

– white underwear: it is a choice of typical missionaries who prefers traditional poses and have a negative attitude to experiments in sex;

– pink underwear, Barbie style: this lady is sociable, easy of approach, probably, she has an impressive experience of sexual relationships and is really obsessed with her weight and appearance;

– blue and yellow underwear: this is a sports girl who have a male temperament and can start a sexual attack first;

– red underwear: this is a passionate, provocative lady who is open for experiments;

– black underwear: this is a woman who express aggressiveness more than playfulness.

Female sexuality is a personal concept. Even an unremarkable ordinary mouse can become an ideal of beauty and a subject of desire for someone. Her man loves her not for ideal parameters but for sincerity, respect for herself and for him. At the same time, sometimes a partner just does not feel passion for the woman the appearance of whom has no defects.

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