description Now, what do we exactly offer?
Order our full service with a guaranteed income from the first day ($200 or more from first days).

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about us What do we offer? How do we make this?
We create "smart" websites that convert incoming traffic into money at maximum possible rate!
We raise the website productivity and effectivity by using the advanced business models and by creating interesting web content, keeping in mind the strategically important positions of the ad placements and the behavioral strategies of each visitor.

Also: we create interesting and good selling texts, slogans. Create media plans, invent sales strategies and develop website looks.

We have chosen sociological studies of the consumers market as our main strategy, using the statistical data from social networks, professional unions or clubs. We try to predict how exactly the visitors would behave while visiting your target web page and we put exact needed content in the exact needed place in the best interesting form.


How do we fulfill our goals? We create websites, fill them with unique and useful texts with multimedia files. Then we build a business model - following the chain of maximizing the possible actions the user can make on the website. This why we can monetize the user actions to the maximum with the effectivity and ROI over 200%.

Creating a blog about butterflies or a magazine devoted to the luxury cars - in any case we would going to learn maximum possible information about our visitors so that to make the right decision. So that to make all possible adjustments for the highest conversion.
examples Those projects already bring their owners income.
It's just a few successful projects we created.

To place an order contact us via any of the contact methods we have in "Contacts" section

RECENT.REPORT – Income: 200%

Price: $30000 / Model: CPC

MUSFAN.com – Income: 300%

Price: $80000 / Model: CPA

FavFashion.com – Income: 250%

Price: $50000 / Model: CPC, CPA

EnglishRussia – Income: 400%

Price: $80000 / Model: CPC, CPA

FavCars.net – Income: 250%

Price: $50000 / Model: CPC, CPA

Cinematix.org – Income: 200%

Price: $30000 / Model: CPC

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