Обзор BQ Mercury BQS-5520

Обзор BQ Mercury BQS-5520

The mobile market is breaking records every year. New brands appear, sales volumes grow, and the number of models that vendors offers, probably will catch up with the manufacturers of household appliances soon. Clearly, there are leaders and big names that have proven themselves and, even without any special effort (even though they continue to do so), can generate such sales that aspiring brands have never dreamed of. But the problem with these names in their value. Only because of the name on the front panel of the phone, the consumer must pay 20-30% of the total price.

Обзор BQ Mercury BQS-5520

Some justify this high bar for quality, for others – it is the bastion of confidence, but there are dissenters. And there are brands, just for them, that create smart phones that are maximally correlated between price and quality. We need only once to trust once, to subsequently never pay extra money. Let’s try to get to know and trust. Smartphone Mercury (BQS-5520) from the BQ company. The package, in addition to the device, includes a USB cable, adapter for charging from the mains, warranty card and manual instruction.

Обзор BQ Mercury BQS-5520

Appearance, connectors and hardware keys of the smartphone

Let’s start with appearance. The smartphone is available in 3 variations: black, grey and gold. The last 2 are very good. Black one is just usual. Although metal edging adds a few more points to overall appearance. It is unclear how it will behave over time, but at first, it’s just what we need.

Visually, Mercury, of course, can’t be called the flagman, but for its price segment, the model looks good. The front panel is covered with a protective glass with oleophobic cover, which is nicely rounded on the edges, creating the effect of 2.5D. This is attractive and practical, given how many interface actions tied to gestures. Additionally, the manufacturer has decided to please its customers with pre-pasted screen protector on the device.

Appearance, connectors and hardware keys of the smartphone

Given the large size of the screen it’s almost impossible to reach the top, holding a smartphone in one hand without rotating it. But it is quite high and not too wide, which is very convenient. The probability of slipping is low.

There is standard earpiece, front camera eye, a pair of sensors and led notification light at the top of the front panel. There are not buttons at the bottom of the phone, so the “chin” could be smaller. In this situation, it just creates a certain symmetry and simplifies the use of a smartphone in landscape orientation. The usual matte plastic is on back panel. It’s practical, but not a masterpiece of design excellence.

Centered top-down camera, flash, fingerprint scanner and BQ logo. Camera sticks out a little, that can create inconvenience, putting its display up. The case can correct the situation.


The back cover is removable, underneath there is the same battery. Only after removing the cover, you can install 2 SIM cards. The installation of the USB connector on the top edge is a great disadvantage of engineering. If you leave the phone alone while charging, it will not play a big role, but if you have the habit to use it during the accumulation of energy it would be extremely unusual for you. By the way, there is a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Despite current trends, the manufacturer decided to leave it in device. Power button and volume rocker are located on the right side logically, but still quite high. On the bottom, there is a speaker that is presented to the user in the form of two symmetrical perforated grids. There is also a single microphone. Though it’s not groundbreaking, but it looks stylish and nice.

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