10 secrets of incredible makeup from Korean women

10 secrets of incredible makeup from Korean women

Korean makeup is becoming a trend at the moment, not just in Asian countries, but oddly enough, in Europe. And all because of this makeup feature is porcelain, fresh, flawless face and mischievous gleam in the eyes, which is retained even after a hardworking day. Koreans rarely concern about the problems with the skin, to avoid the occurrence of which many European women hardly can – irregularities, acne, dryness and redness.


And it’s not genetics or even a thick wallet, but simply the correct approach to the process of imposing a makeup and facial care throughout the day. The main feature in skin care, used by the Koreans, is that the basics of procedures are trained in girls since the childhood. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the healthier it will be. Koreans are very serious about the process, and spend a significant port of their life on its implementation.

Proper face cleansing

One of the main rules that allow achieving of the effect of porcelain face is to properly cleanse the face in order to prevent clogging of the pores. Koreans never apply the makeup on the ‘dirty’ face. The process of morning and evening washing is a special tradition that takes a total of 15 minutes. There is a special washing circuit, it is called 424. This means that the cleansing takes place in three stages.

First, for 4 minutes the hydrophilic oil is applied on the skin (Korean invention, allows to remove even resistant makeup) then 2 minutes are spent on cleansing the skin using foam and the remaining 4 minutes are for the removing of the top layer of the skin dead cells by scrub and thorough washing with cool water. The procedure for the purification circuit 424 is carried out not only in the evening to remove makeup, but also in the morning. Sure to wash with cold water, as it helps narrow pores, so that the chemical components of cosmetics do not penetrate into the epidermis. A face is wiped not with the fabric but the paper towel and with accurate movements.

Immediately after washing, according to Korean women, the face begins to lose moisture, so it should immediately be moisturized with the essences. It is not necessary to believe that oily skin does not need moisture after washing, special means are applied in this case. In addition to these mandatory procedures, two or three times a week, the girls do facial peeling at home. The method done correctly along with other promotes healthy skin luster, narrows pores.

The next step after face cleansing is massage. Massage improves blood circulation, gives the face a healthy glow. Do the progressive motion along the jaw line with the knuckles of bent fingers, then the movements begin at the bridge of the nose, are sent to the top of the forehead and face perimeter. Then fingertips massage the skin under the eyes; this massage helps to reduce puffiness.

The selection of the correct skincare cosmetics
Korean cosmetics are very specific and, incidentally, are already popular not only in this country. The ingredients may include in addition to the traditional (essential oils, lactic acid, aloe) unusual for Western consumers components such as snail slime and snake venom. However, these substances contribute to the rejuvenation, smoothing of the skin due to the fact that they contain collagen and elastane. Cosmetics in Korea are quite accessible to the average consumer, so beautiful makeup, well-groomed skin are the prerogative of not only the wealthy girls.

What cosmetics do the Korean women prefer?

a) instead of the usual foundation, enjoyed by most European women and that dry the skin, Korean women prefer to use SS-cream. SS-cream has replaced the BB cream; it performs several functions: it moisturizes the skin, protects it from UV rays, it whitens, masks minor defects and even prevent the aging process. This tool is designed not only to provide a radiant complexion, but also become a real boon for those who do not have much time for applying makeup. Thanks to a weightless texture and versatility, the cream may be the only base before the makeup applying.

b) Koreans do not tend to choose the same cosmetic. Korean cosmetics market is constantly changing, updating its range. New product is sold just over 2 seasons. The trend is very favorable – the skin of the girls is not accustomed to cosmetics.

10 secrets of incredible makeup from Korean women

c) it is known that Asians are the opponents of tanning and prefer the natural color of the skin, so use a sunscreen active. By the way, in such a way they protect the body from premature aging and the risk of cancer cells. In addition to sunscreen, the actively use bleaching creams and essences. Especially popular they are among pregnant women or women who give birth and have post parturition pigmentation.

d) cloth face masks and serum, emulsion are very popular among Korean women. The masks are made of cotton impregnated with nutrients such as aloe juice, lactic acid, snail slime; it is preferable to use them at night to the morning skin would shine with purity and freshness. Masks not only moisturize the skin, there are also those that purify, reduce inflammation, swelling. The whey and emulsion are with the same components as the mask. Other common cosmetics for a face are matting napkins taking away the shine, they will always be in the purse of any girl.

e) oils are widely used in the process of the skin care. Even Korean girls adhere the motto ‘Essential oils are never too much’ and use them not only as an independent agent, but add in all sorts of masks, baths, and lotions.

f) the patches will help remove puffiness, bags under the eyes. Korean cosmeticians invented this mean, triggering rave reviews from the customers.

These are unique pillow-sponges, by applying which one can get rid even of the dark circles under the eyes. And all due to the fact that the gel basis contains the well-known tool collagen, which promotes rejuvenation.

Makeup applying

Once the skin is prepared, and the care products are selected, you can apply makeup. The first step will be the application of a moisturizing or nourishing cream; after its soaking shade the tonal basis which can be covered with powder to achieve resistance. Typically, powder and foundation selected are two shades lighter than the natural color of the face.

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