15 effective recipes for cold

15 effective recipes for cold

When autumn comes, more and more people turn to hospitals, suffering from runny nose, cough and poor health. Usually, “light” medicines together with complete rest are prescribed to such patients. However, there are time-proven folk recipes for cold that will help to get rid of the first symptoms, improve state of health and strengthen the immune system. About these very recipes we are going to have a detailed talk today.

15 effective recipes for cold

Lemon drink

Even people of the ancient cultures used this fruit for combating seasonal diseases. And this is no surprise, for lemon is a real wellspring of vitamins. Its antiseptic and antiviral qualities are recognized by all modern doctors. They recommend their patients to include citrus to the diet in autumn and winter as often as possible.

How can lemon be used for treating cold? Usually, recipes are extremely simple. We offer you to try making it as follows:

Cut lemon in segments and slice ginger root.
Put the semis on the cup bottom and cover them with boiling water.
Cover the cup with a lid and let the drink infuse for five or seven minutes.
Sup it every four hours. This aromatic medicine will cure your sore throat and return the disappeared voice.

Lemon and honey

Beneficial qualities of these products have been known since the ancient times. Honey contains numerous healthy vitamins and microelements, and the substances contained in lemons help organism to withstand viruses.


How to use lemon and honey to treat cold? Try this healthy mixture recipe:

Wash a lemon thoroughly, grate it without peeling (or just grind it in blender).
Join the prepared product and 150 grams of honey.
As the result, you will get a tasty medicine that can be used anytime during the day. But keep in mind that this healthy treat shouldn’t be mixed with hot tea. The thing is that honey loses its healthy qualities when heated.

Mint and lemon cocktail

Here please find another recipe of a tasty and healthy drink, which will help you to strengthen the immune system and reduce temperature.


Take the leaves of two mint twigs, wash and dry them.
Squeeze juice of one lemon and cut the second one in thin slices.
Put mint in a shaker and mash with two spoons of sugar.
Pour lemon juice therein and put two ice cubes.
Blend the products for several seconds and then add 500 ml of tonic.
Mix the cocktail once again. Put lemon slices into cups and cover them with the prepared brew.

Ginger drink

If you want to win recover from an illness in no time and protect yourself from a probable fatigue, for this purpose you should use fresh ginger root. It will relieve visual symptoms and will help your body to combat other diseases.


So, what kind of help can ginger provide in combating cold? Take a note of this tasty and healthy tea recipe:

Pour water in a stewpot (one liter approximately) and boil it.
Put there a peeled and finely chopped ginger root (from 5 to 10 centimeters).
Boil it for about 10 minutes.
Add fresh mint leaves, cinnamon and a pinch of black pepper in the stewpot.
In five minutes take the pot off the stove, pour and strain the liquid.
Put green tea leaves into boiling-hot water.
Add a couple spoons of honey (to make it taste better) and juice of entire grapefruit or a half of lemon.

The above-described ginger tea has refreshing aroma and splendid taste. Make this drink not only when you are ill, but anytime as a precaution.

Ginger tea for cough

Home-made recipes for treating cold are usually simple and don’t require any special products. You can easily find all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen or buy in a supermarket nearby.

This time we advise you to try tasty ginger tea for cold with cardamom. Read the drink recipe below:

Peel ginger root and grate it thoroughly or finely chop with a knife.
Brew black or green tea, strain it and pour the liquid in a small pot.
Add several cardamom pods and two flowers of dried clove to it. Simmer the drink for about 20 minutes.
At the very end you can add fresh orange or lemon juice to taste.
Strain the brew once more and pour into a cup. Drink the medicine hot. Experts claim that this recipe treats not only cold, but more serious lung and bronchial diseases as well.


Recipes for treating cold can be quite pleasant ones. For instance, hot spicy wine can be used both for treating the disease and as a precaution. Lemons and oranges, included in this gluhwein, contain vitamin C. This very substance helps an organism to strengthen the immune system and win over the starting disease. Aromatic spices improve blood circulation and have a warming effect.


There are numerous well-known gluhwein recipes. Every chef aims at bringing something new to its contents or cooking method to get a unique taste. We offer you to prepare the follow ingredients:

750 ml of dry red wine.
A glass of water.
One orange.
A large apple.
20 grams of ginger.
Two cinnamon sticks.
Three table spoons of honey.
Five buds of dried clove.
So, how can we make this delicious gluhwein? Рецепт напитка от простуды очень прост:

Wash an orange thoroughly (you may use brush) under running water and cut it several parts.
Cut an apple in pieces after removing the core.
Pour water in a stewpot and add all the above-mentioned spices. Bring the liquid to the boil.
Pour wine in the pot, put the prepared fruit and honey.

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