3 tips to choose the coffee machine

3 tips to choose the coffee machine

You need to determine what features are important for you before proceeding to do the choice of a particular model of coffee machine. So, you will be able to get a convenient model without overpaying.

3 tips to choose the coffee machine

Rate the performance

First of all, you need to decide how many portions of coffee your machine should make every day. Fully automatic machines are only good for office, where you need quickly and easily cook a large number of portions. It is reasonable to take a smaller one, easy to use model, that is able to cook up to 40 portions a day. You need to decide, whether you want to take a participation in cooking or the process should be simplified. In the first case, it’s better to take carob machine. It will give the opportunity to adjust the strength of the drink, to experiment with blends of different varieties of coffee.

Think about how it will easier to take care of the machine

While working, tubes of the machine are contaminated with the oils, and scum is forming on the heating surface. To prevent it, you should periodically clean the brewing mechanism of the coffee machine. This mechanism is performed in two versions: fixed and removable. The removable unit is convenient, because it needn’t to be cleaned with special tools. You simply remove the brew mechanism and rinse in under the water. The disadvantage of this unit is that tubes usually can’t be washed perfectly, that’s why oil and scum will accumulate. Special tools or tablets are used for cleaning stationary brew mechanisms. Typically, a cleaning cycle includes the washing of all systems of the machine, not only with the cleaner, but using hot water.

Choose a heating block

Modern machines use boilers or fusers for heating water. The boiler is a container, where water is always heated. Disadvantages of this solution are: the water can stagnate, and there will be a lot of scum. Although the producers offer coffee machines with built-in filters and forced descaling systems. The fuser heats the water for the only one cup of coffee. As nothing is stagnated, there won’t be coffee with an unpleasant aftertaste. Fully automatic machines may be equipped both with a boiler and a fuser. You can get the steam and hot (or cold) water for preparing a drink by using it.

A variety of types of coffee machines gives flexibility and allows to find the right solution for every coffee lover. Carob coffee machines is suitable for those, who want to take part on preparation of coffee. Capsule and coffee machines with single-serve containers make drink quickly. Automatic machines will be essential for the office and special coffee lovers, who have no time to make it by themselves.

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