4 subtleties of pajama style

4 subtleties of pajama style

This fashionable phenomenon, along with the shoulder strap and the footwear on the tractor sole went into the everyday life two seasons ago, but did not get the same recognition, while fashion bloggers loved it no less than the rest of the novelties. Of course, there are pluses of such clothing which is nice to the body, made of weightless, delicate fabrics. However, there are also the disadvantages, and they are in majority.

4 subtleties of pajama style


Every fashion trend is a challenge for the already established images and styles and stand out from the crowd of similar is a very dangerous occupation, especially with the help of so extravagant and bold things. The image, drawn up solely on the basis of pajama style, despite initially seeming comfort, can be a real challenge for women’s self-esteem. The first thing should be to arm, getting a similar item of clothing is confidence.

Ideal figure

Not so much the silhouette and cut as flowing fabrics require much care and attention. Satin and silk prevailing in pajama style, underline all, without exception, the advantages and disadvantages of figures. And it is not even possible excess weight or defects of one or another type of figure, though it is important. These lightweight, pliable and soft materials do not tolerate bad skin condition: stretch marks, flaccidity, orange peel, and even scars, easily hidden behind dense fabrics, will appear in all their ‘glory’.

Features of wardrobe

Pajama-style clothing also requires a skillful combination with other articles of clothing. Running shoes, leather, cotton fabrics and openwork underwear can be attributed to the category of absolutely unsuitable. Precautions should be taken when wearing heavy, coarse shoes, classic shirts and neon colors. Monochromatic pants-suits, skirts of straight cut, things made of denim, suede shoes and boots will suit perfectly. The easier and the more restrained style and color, the more advantageous the image based on a pajama style will look.

The pace of life

Another disadvantage is stiffness. Fabrics of pajama style are totally inelastic and severely limit the work of the feet and hands. Dresses-shirts can hardly be called suitable for everyday wear, as well as silk shirts with sleeves. However, T-shirts and tops on the straps can be easily entered into the category of basic things.

Using the articles of clothing belonging to the pajama style involves a lot of nuances and reservations. However, it applies to all the fashion trends passing into the ranks of mass culture.

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