5 tablespoons diet

5 tablespoons diet

According to nutritionists, a single serving of food for the average person should not exceed 200 grams. But what if the majority of modern diets involves much more bulky meals. Today, very popular diet is power system ‘5 tablespoons’ based on reducing portion size.


Peculiarities of the diet

At the last congress of nutritionists, many experts expressed their opinion on the fact that the main factor in the reduction in body weight is a reduction of the normal dose of food. As proof of this fact, scientists pointed to the fact that almost 100% the stomach of patients, who are obese, exceeds the norm at times. The normal size of this organ is considered to be the approximate the size of the fist. If the muscular walls of the organ are stretched out, a person may experience ongoing feelings of hunger.

5 tablespoons diet can be considered as a very healthy and simple. The basis of this diet is the adjusting the volume of food portions, with virtually no change in its components. Thereby, the diet remains the same, but the portions become less. This system of nutrition involves the proper and long-term weight reduction; it completely corrects the physiology of the digestion. As a result, a person has normalized appetite, feeling of hunger is blunted, and new food doses provide satiety for an average of 5-6 hours.

The weight of a single dose of food is 150 g, which is equal to 5 tablespoons or 15 tea spoons. Cut of portions to this weight will certainly bring positive results. It is believed that any weight loss technique is useless if its result will not give a decrease in the volume of the stomach. The fact is that after a certain time spent on any diet, the slimming returns to his normal life routine, including diet and as a result to the former weight. After all, it is almost impossible to constantly eat tasteless, unsalted or low-fat foods.

All the vegetable or fruit diets lead to such consequences. Furthermore many fruits, especially sour apples, provoke appetite, which is quite difficult to satisfy with the non-nutritive food. Using the technique of ‘5 spoons’ in the fight against excess weight is to adhere to the following rules:

• Gaps between food intake should not exceed 3 hours; at the same time, meal can be varied simply by banana or piece of boiled meat;
• Not all the food can be measured with spoons, therefore to measure no more than 150-200 grams you’ll need accurate kitchen scale;
• The first 5 days of a diet will be accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger, so you need to be patient and soon the nutrition in this way becomes habitual;
• You cannot drink water during the meal, as in this case, the volume of the stomach will not be reduced.

Preparation for the diet

Unfortunately, often people who are losing weight and choose 5 tablespoons diet, give up without waiting until the body gets used to the new way. It is very difficult to reduce the usual portion of food to several times, so you should be prepared for such a procedure. In order the diet would lead to the desired results, the reduction of the volume of food should take place gradually.

Approximate time of getting used to the new diet is three weeks. During the first week, it is allowed to take 10 tablespoons of food for one meal.

In a week, single dose should be reduced to 7 spoons. At the end of the second week the person losing weight shifts to the norms established by the procedure. Step reduction of the volume of food helps the body to get used to the new system of nutrition and not give it up stress-free and easily. Reducing of the stomach volume is slow, respectively the person does not feel the unbearable feeling of hunger, and the habit of eating by the small portions will remain forever.

First time keeping the 5 spoons diet one may be accompanied by problems with bowel movements. Therefore, in order to avoid constipation, nutritionists recommend on a daily basis eating a few spoonfuls of fat in the form of oat bran, which swell in the gut and provide a long feeling of satiety.

Menu of the diet

If you make preparations correctly, then keeping 5 spoons diet is simple. The nutrition scheme is simple, the only limitation is disposable food portions, they should not exceed 150-200 grams. A set of products is for losing weight; you can eat a small piece of a dessert, yogurt, and even oatmeal, seasoned with a piece of butter. The main challenge is that a portion should accommodate five tablespoons.

Allowed products

Keeping to the system of 5 tablespoons it is better to use of low-calorie foods. There is a sense of food intake which have a lower glycemic index. In this case, the human blood glucose level is gradually increased, so the feeling of hunger comes not so fast.

It is worth noting that only keeping the 5 spoons diet you can eat favorite fried foods. In exchange for this you will have to reduce meals with 5 times per day to 3. Between meals you are permitted to arrange fruit snacks.

The best products are the following:

1. Cereals

Nutritionists do not recommend when staying on a diet to be carried away with ‘empty’ cereals, such as rice or semolina, too much. The most useful is the use of all kinds of bran, which are the unique source of fiber. It is known that fiber perfectly cleans the body of toxins and stale feces. You shouldn’t eat bran exclusively in the form of cereals; you can make pancakes, or soak them with yogurt.

2. Fruits and vegetables

You may eat absolutely all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This may be a medium-sized banana and grape or pear. Vegetables can be in the form of stew with a little oil, or steamed.


3. Lean meat

To the result of diet would not result into drained and exhausted body, losing weight must eat meat, the main thing that it would not too fat. The ideal option would be a chicken, peeled from the skin, rabbit or lean beef.

4. Dairy

Dairy products in 5 tablespoons diet are almost mandatory, as they are considered to be an important source of many vitamins and minerals. You can drink fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir with low-fat but not fat-free. Sour cream can be used as salad dressings.

5. Fats

Oddly enough, but it is no necessary to exclude fats from the diet completely. It is best to use vegetable oil such as traditional sunflower and buckwheat, olive or flaxseed oil. Small pieces of butter are allowed to flavor porridge.

Prohibited products

In order to achieve the fastest result you will have to correct not only serving sizes, but also the following products should be removed from the diet:

• Creamy, fatty desserts;
• Grilled dishes;
• Fatty meat – do not eat lamb, pork, duck;
• Sausages;
• Sugar.

Also you should pay attention to the use of liquid calories that are hidden in sweet drinks, juices and sodas. But it is not necessary to limit yourself in desserts. Once a week at one meal you may eat 150 grams of cookies or candies. Despite the high content of calories, the sweets will help to stay on the diet and stay in a good mood. You cannot drink alcohol beverages. Long experience has shown that weight loss occurs even when a person consumes fatty foods and flour dishes, as long as their servings are small.

In some recipes of the 5 spoons system it is recommended to take in food pure glucose or fructose mixed with water. It is not necessary to do so as fructose provokes a much more pronounced insulin response than regular sugar.

Spices and salt may be used only as a part of food, but you need to know that too spicy or salty foods can provoke an unjustified increase in appetite.

In the struggle with overweight you will have to abstain from deep-fried foods, as well as semi-finished products. In general, everything should be eaten raw if it is possible, if necessary, use the grill without fat, steam, fire.

Option of the daily menu

• At the first breakfast, at about 7.00 am, 5 tablespoons of oatmeal with yogurt or milk. You can drink a glass of green tea without sugar.
• At lunch, at 10.00 am it is allowed to have a snack of fruit such as a banana or sweet apple.
• At 1.00 am for lunch, it is desirable to eat something more nutritious, it can be buckwheat with meat, a few pieces of stewed or steamed fish or chicken.
• At lunch around 16.00 losing weight can eat vegetable salad dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil.
• For dinner at 19.00 it is good to eat cottage cheese or rice with boiled fish.
• Before the bedtime, it is allowed to drink 200 ml of yogurt, which has not only a positive effect on weight loss, but also strengthens the immune system and protects against problems with a bowel movements.

You must not forget about the regular fluid intake, because sometimes the body’s need for water is often confused with hunger. Beverages such as tea, coffee or cocoa drink is allowed, it is advisable to learn how to drink them without sugar.

In fact, the number of meals per day may be different, the main thing that no more frequently than every three hours. When the body gets used, it will be simple to maintain even longer intervals. The best is five meals a day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Nutritionists around the world call the method of ‘5 tablespoons’ one of the best and sparing. It teaches a person not to overeat, and completely changes his eating habits. Time spent on this kind of diet can be very long, and even permanent for some people. Another feature of 5 spoons is that due to the extensive diet there is no need to take vitamins. At the use of fresh fruits and fresh juices the body is saturated with all necessary vitamins.


The undeniable advantages include the availability of diet, permission to use even ‘bad’ foods, such as fried foods and desserts. This nutrition system is considered as safe, it is fully approved by nutritionists. Subsequent nutrition, following a diet, dumped kilograms will not return.

Another obvious advantage of this diet is that the last meal can be even at the bedtime, the main thing is to ensure compliance with the permitted intervals between meals.

The disadvantages of such a diet include strong feel of hunger that accompanies the slimming during the first 5 days. In addition it is very difficult for the person to get used to the constant control over the amount of food. As mentioned above, the diet can cause constipation, but this problem is quickly solved. Moreover, people who are constipated all the time, thanks to this method can get rid of them completely.

Sometimes, the lack of a clear menu brings harm to the people with excess weight, because they are not feeling the constraints and often introduce a lot of sweet into their diet. And this leads to a slow reduction in weight and consequently in disappointment in a diet. Despite the drawbacks, the benefits from the 5 tablespoons diet are in majority.

When will you see the results?

If you stick to the basic rules of 5 tablespoons diet, then the full stay on it will provide positive results which are already noticeable after a week. In general, the kilos begin to disappear even earlier. A feature of this diet is a gradual and steady weight loss. A period of time during which you can keep the 5 spoons diet is unlimited.

On average for the first week of the diet person loses from four to six kilograms. During the month of the dieting the body loses about 15 kilograms.

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