6 ways to look slimmer

6 ways to look slimmer

A woman of any age at least once in her life thinks about her figure. Everyone has different figure, and with age it tends to change. Not every woman can boast of slimness due to a bad heredity or after childbirth, but wants to look her best at any age. Therefore, every woman should know the basic techniques that will not only help to look slimmer, despite the proportions of the figure, but also to emphasize the individuality and dignity. A woman with a curvy shape without simply cannot do without these tips.

6 ways to look slimmer


Lovers of prints in clothes have to change the polka dot and flowers for the strips, but not on the cross, but longitudinal ones. Longitudinal stripes visually lengthen and slim figure.

Dark shades

Everybody knows the fact that black makes you look slim. But not everyone likes to dress up in this grim, albeit elegant color. You don’t have to dress all in black; you can simply dilute the image with elements in black. For example, for women with curvy hips, it is advisable to wear black skirts and trousers. A woman with a magnificent bust can wear a black vest or black blouse, diluted with regular geometric shape pattern.

The one-piece garment

Column dress, covering the knees is the most famous and effective way to look slimmer. Every woman should have a few of these dresses (preferably of dark colors). The dress does not have to be black; you can choose an elegant blue, green or brown dress.

The right accessories

A wrong accessory can spoil even the image of a slender woman. There is no need to talk about women who do not have the parameters of 90-60-90. Therefore, the selection of accessories and jewelry should be approached with great responsibility. Women with wide waists should not wear straps and belts, not to emphasize the excessive attention on not so slender body. But you can wear a long necklace or a chain; it will help to visually draw the figure and hide volumes.

Textile combination

Many women just fell in love with dresses and suits, combined from two or more fabrics. The combination takes place in the following way: in places, where the volume is the most lush, dark shades of fabrics are used, and in the least magnificent places the light shades are used. This allows lush women to wear clothes of bright colors and look slender at the same time.

Clothing of correct length

Women with elegant forms are strictly forbidden to wear short skirts, dresses and shorts. This adds unnecessary volume and weight to the figure. It is worth paying attention to models of clothes covering the knees, and women with thick calves should wear dresses and skirts to the floor.

Thanks to the knowledge of these simple rules, you can look slim and elegant even with lush forms.

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