7 foods that increase efficiency

7 foods that increase efficiency

If you notice that your work capacity is reduced during the working day, you can fix it by choosing the right food. There are 7 foods that are good for health in these article.

7 foods that increase efficiency


Eggs are rich in protein, which not only helps your body to build muscles and keep them in good shape, but it leaves a feeling of satiety. This means that if you eat egg, it will leave the feeling of hunger and you will be able to return to work. Moreover, eggs contain many important nutrients, including choline, that boosts cognition and improves memory.


Bananas are cheap, delicious and available everywhere. But the biggest plus of bananas is that they naturally improve mood and also help to calm down and to focus on the right things.


Salmon has quite a profound effect on brain functions mainly due to the large concentration of Omega-3 in the tissues. These fatty acids are perfect for our neurons and support healthy brain tissue.


Tea gives you caffeine, which will make you more energetic and give you a zeal to work. There is also evidence that some kinds of tea will help your memory. Green tea, in particular, improves working memory and can prevent degenerative diseases such as dementia.


If you have ever wondered why do some people seem to come alive after a few sips of wine, then the science has an explanation for this. Certain substances, contained in wine, improve cognitive function. It does not happen when the people drank other alcoholic beverages. The thing is in the compound called resveratrol, which improves memory and has an anti-aging properties. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to drink a little wine at work.

Dark chocolate

Like wine, chocolate (particularly, dark chocolate) is rich in certain compounds that are associated with improving of brain function, because of the high concentration of flavonoids in cocoa beans. Flavonoids can lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, improve memory and cognitive ability.


Those, who like almonds or cashews, will be pleased to know that nuts are associated with better brain health. Nuts contain all possible important elements in high doses, including vitamins and minerals. You also get healthy fats and protein. There are nuts, that contain essential and valuable fatty acids which help in brain development and protect from age-related degradation.

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