7 rules of a happy marriage

7 rules of a happy marriage

Marry in haste and repent at leisure! This is saying that many girls have heard since childhood. But, unfortunately, it does not always make due impression on the girls. Growing up they forget the good advice and throw themselves into the ‘raging’ relationship. Marry not for love but of convenience. If the thing is not in convenience, then simply do not have time to see the partner from all sides.

7 rules of a happy marriage

We all have different visions of a happy marriage. But there are some basics on which the marriage lasts. What is the difference and what are the main principles of happiness in the modern family?

1. Love is the first and important rule in a happy marriage. People get married out of love for each other, rather than any ‘reward’. The reward for you will be a partner’s consent to the marriage. If it is true for your case, so then you are on your way to a happy marriage. Do not think that a marriage of convenience will bring happiness. After all, in fact it’s a bargain.

2. Respect of the partners in relation to each other must be present initially. After all, this is an important factor for some reason was lost in modern society. Now, many couples wash their dirty linen in public. Put their problems on display for everybody. If you respect a partner, then you will not run to your friends, to complain about your scampish husband. Instead, you’ll show respect to a man and have ‘emotional’ conversation.

3. Common interests – it is durable ‘pillar’, which will not allow couple to get bored. Performing any tasks, relaxing and having fun together, you are constantly in contact with each other. And you not just sit together, but evolve! Be interested in what your partner likes and you will be happy. Men love to talk about their achievements, especially if you understand them.

4. Cook for your lover. The man appreciates you; meals prepared by you ‘fly’ in a matter of minutes! But do not relax, because it does not test for marriage. Once started please keep this up. For delicious dishes man also won’t forget to pamper you. In no case dare to consider yourself as ‘cook’! It is only the goddess who is able to cook divine food.

5. Sexual life does not have to bear the inconvenience and remind scene ‘log and the billet’. You made your choice: the most desired man is now yours. In turn, become for him the most desirable woman. Be bold and do not be afraid to try a ‘new’ in sex not consider yourself as touch-me-not and pamper your husband. Of course, you shouldn’t turn from a quiet girl in the slag at once. But it is also not necessary to pose as a nun. Choose for yourself a happy medium, and enjoy!

6. Children upbringing should be equal, so that no one was standing on the sidelines. Involve husband to the education since the early days of the baby in the house. After all, it’ll be easier for you, and the man will not be indifferent to the various problems. Men, who do not participate in the education of children from the first days of life, simply do not understand the different nuances. So do not miss this important point.

7. To be beauty is a rule that must be observed by woman in any life ‘whirlpool’. Watch for yourself, be neat, beautiful manicure and hairstyle these are the essential attributes, which woman should follow. If you’ve lived with the husband long ‘enough’, it does not mean that you can now spit on everything and wear an old bathrobe at home.

Happy marriages are born as a result of hard work of the two lovers. Do not be lazy to be interested in each other, then ‘fire’ in a relationship won’t fade away. Be happy and loved!

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