A holiday romance: how to find love

A holiday romance: how to find love

Almost everyone associates holiday romance with something fresh, incredibly romantic and at the same time with just a hint of levity. But is it possible that this pleasant noncommittal acquaintance would grew into something more real, sturdy? Love with the continuation, the beginning of a beautiful family – whether a holiday romance is capable to do it?


So, is it possible or not?

In fact, a holiday romance is practically no different from any other. Even in your hometown, you can get acquainted with a person, to spend some time together and then quietly break up. It’s all about personal attitude of each of the parties to the dating.

Dating in the distant warm (or cold) country may well be entitled to a success, especially as modern technology only contribute it. There are a lot of electronic possibilities to communicate with a person: Skype, SMS, roaming calls. Plus, a trip to another country or even moving is no longer a serious problem nowadays. All this is quite a good help to continue the pleasant acquaintance.

However, you should not dive into the pool with the head, as a holiday romance can have many pitfalls, which should always be remembered. On vacation we are in a peculiar state, perception of the surrounding is dull, and we look at everything, as they say, through rose-colored glasses. The resort offers a relaxing atmosphere from which we seek only the pleasure, so we get acquainted with someone easier than in everyday life. There is a unique opportunity to appear in front of complete strangers in a new role, to embellish yourself a little, show only the positive side. A naive ‘spectator’ at this time absorbs this distorted information, taking it at face value, and begins to make plans that later turn out to be illusory.

And if you truly want to find real love at the resort, in this case you should try not to be that naive ‘spectator’, but also you should not be inert completely.

The selection of the resort

The first step is to choose a suitable place to rest. And the most appropriate in this case will be one of the quieter resorts. Luxurious hotels, where it’s always crowded, noisy and pathetically cannot provide the opportunity to be out of competition. They are always ‘overwhelmed’ with chic beauties, the demand for which is never quenched. And even if you manage to get acquainted with the vending man, it is not necessary that your dating will grow into something bigger. In such places, it can be said, it is appropriate to dissipate the promising phrases and men do it readily. Besides luxurious furnishings helps it in every way.


But within two or three days, you can observe how the fan, once madly in love with you, at the same place does offer to another girl. At these resorts men rest in the same way as you do and great amount of free ladies pushes them to new exploits. For this reason, well-known hotels can be immediately deleted from your list and you should pay attention to previously unexplored routes.

Acquaintance warranty

Wanting to meet a man at the resort, it is not necessary to lie on the beach constantly and wait when he finally approaches. They can infinitely look at you being at arm’s length, but not everyone dares to come up and speak. You can create a lot of favorable situations for the acquaintance: from the banal ‘Spread my back’ to the extreme ‘Help, I’m drowning!’. But it is better to play it safe and go to places where the probability to become acquainted with the opposite sex is the highest.

So, the first is diving. It is fun under the force of the most energetic and courageous, and if you enter into their number, then scuba gear in your hands, or rather, on your back. According to statistics, 100% of divers accounts for 85% of men. Here, the arithmetic is simple and it becomes clear that the chances of success are quite high. Besides, immersion occurs usually in pairs, which further increases the possibility to enrich tie acquaintance.

The second is a dance club. Yes, it is, not a disco. This may be training courses of salsa, tango and other dance styles; it all depends on the country you went to rest. In such places is not too crowded, and dance in pairs is a great opportunity to start a conversation with a stranger. While at the disco you will not communicate peacefully, and it doesn’t seem the serious acquaintance can happen, because such a place is visited only for joy.

Third is Speed Dating. Such events are popular in many countries, and if they are carried out at the chosen resort, buy a ticket by all means. However, the party should be chosen carefully, paying attention to the age category of people who are going there. In a place like this, you are guaranteed to get acquainted with a few men, and it is possible that one of them will be the one.

Confident ‘No!’ to all inclusive tours

Such a system only ties you to one place – the hotel, where every day you will see the faces of the same people, often family, and also you’ll miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the customs of a new country, which include the secrets of the national cuisine. Plus, before a far trip it’s better to brush up foreign languages, to more or less easily make conversation with foreigners in abroad resorts.


So, we get out of the stuffy room and head in search of the local catering establishments. You can stay in either a restaurant or a small cozy cafe, most importantly, to find a man sitting there alone. It remains only to take the initiative: go to his table and ask permission to sit beside him. Be sure, if he is free, he will surely answer courteous consent. Feel free to start the conversation, hinting that you feel a little uncomfortable alone in a foreign country, and tasting of the local cuisine alone is not very nice also. If your partner is a local, this is an excellent opportunity to ask to recommend a good dish. And when the conversation starts up, you can switch on to the attractions and other interesting places. It is likely that in the course of conversation, the man will offer himself as a guide.

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