A trip to Maldives

A trip to Maldives

Probably there are not such people who never dreamed to make a trip to Maldives, being attracted by its beauty and splendor. All of these dreams are understandable, as it is the most beautiful place in the world. Over thousand islands of Maldives archipelago located in the Indian ocean, but only about two hundred of them are inhabited. The city of Male is small but is has a huge number of residents. It’s state’s capital and it remains the most populous in city the world. There is a port, the only one in the Maldives.

A trip to Maldives

You can relax on these Islands all year, without worrying about changes in temperature, as it is always from twenty-five to thirty degrees above zero. As for the waves and rain, the weather can prepare surprises in the summer, without overshadowing the rest in any way, because they are warm and quickly come to an end. Swimming in the rain is a pleasure.

The flora and fauna of the Maldives is striking by its diversity and colorful flowers. Among the huge palm trees, decorative grasses and bushes, beautiful flowers grow on the trees, orchids, giving even more charm to this place. It is impossible to leave without attention the inhabitants of the underwater world: beautiful fishes of different types and colors; whale sharks, that aren’t dangerous for humans, and also the busily moving crabs. You can see lizards, flying foxes and a gray heron on the shore. Employees of any local hotel will help to organize tour to these locations.

If we consider the interests and hobbies of the local population, we can identify that birds and cats among the favorite pets there. As for domestic animals, for growing meat and milk, they mostly prefer goats, and in rare cases, acquire the cows. In the state of the Maldives it is forbidden to raise pigs, as the Islam is the main religion there. Of course, this entails also the law that you mustn’t walking half-naked through the streets and swimming without any clothes on, otherwise you can be fined. Locals also consider the fact that the tourists are around them, so they are very hospitable, you should adhere to the norms and rules, which is important for them. If customers are drinking alcohol outside the designated areas of the resort, allow themselves to tear corals or fish near the shore, they may be arrested. But do not despair, because there is a lot of fun and relax without breaking the local laws in the Maldives.

What kind of adventures did this luxurious place prepare for visitors? As there is a huge warm ocean around the islands, most of the entertainments take place in the water: fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and boating catamarans and yachts. On the shore you can play different sport games, such as: billiards, tennis, beach volleyball and mini golf. Various procedures that are carried out by professionals, are beneficial for the skin and body, as a whole. The lovers are granted the right to hold weddings, and the workers are really serious about that. The study of traditions and customs, local history and architecture, a trip to the Islands and uninhabited places, also visits of markets — it’s all included in the tours for tourists.

Each visitor can choose his nutrition by himself, as you can find quite often European food in the restaurants and hotels. National dishes include rice, tea with milk, fish and coconut. You can try it in coastal cafes.

Journey to the Maldives is characterized by its diversity and beautiful natural environment, as there is everything to enjoy your holiday

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