About India. Country of the three capitals

About India. Country of the three capitals

This country is so rich in attractions that it is difficult to decide where to actually begin. Here you can find the rest of almost all latitudes – from the snow-capped Himalayas in Jammu, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh to nearly equatorial coast of Sri Lanka. Of course, the giant trio is from the cities.

About India. Country of the three capitals

Delhi is rich in historical monuments and landmarks such as Red Fort (former residence of the Indian monarchs almost to the middle of the 19th century), Jamma Masjid is the huge mosque in Delhi; Qutub Minar is the huge minaret (erected in the 14th century); Lodi Garden is park and the ancient mosque and many other equally famous.

From modern times monuments a huge religious complex Akshardham and Lotus Temple should be noted. The central part of Delhi is the perfect place to relax, to gain the best impressions. This place from the presidential palace to India Gate Square (India Gate) is Arch dedicated to Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. Place is drop-dead gorgeous. It is not surprising as it was built for the Viceroy of UK.

Nearby is Rajiv Chowk, the circular street which is a favorite with tourists (named after Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister). It is a place where there are shops and boutiques of world brands.

India continues to build the underground, the first lines of which were launched in 2003. Subway is developing rapidly. Now it is one of the best world-class metro. New lines are quickly built and opened. Recently the line of airlines connecting the airport and the railway station in New Delhi was opened. Now there are 6 lines and more than 120 stations and it is only in 10 years.

If Delhi is political and spiritual capital of India, then Bombay is the financial capital of India. Bombay (Mumbai) is almost 20 million giant that is located on the island. It also is a gateway of India.

Also there is what tourists should look at. It is clear that all the newcomers are attracted by ocean coastline. At the southernmost point of the island there are the sea gate of India – an arch, set by British. The area is rich in temples, attractions, abundantly covered with beautiful squares. Since mostly this is financial city, life in it is far more expensive than even in New Delhi.

Bombay in India is very contrasting, more than any other city. ‘Fabulous’ wealth coexists with extreme poverty areas, these neighborhoods cannot be found in the whole of Asia. Bombay is the birthplace of the famous Indian film industry, Bollywood. Tourists should pay eye on the sea gate of India – Mumbai.

Another capital of India is Kolkata. It is widely regarded as the cultural capital of India. However, in the literal sense Kolkata was the capital until the early 20th century. Later, the capital was moved to Delhi. Great center of Kolkata was built mostly by the British; it looks wonderful (it is not surprising as they tried for themselves). Kolkata is very rich in magnificent temples, including the Christian churches. Kolkata is on the Hooghly River, the Ganges basin, relatively close to the ocean. There is a subway, the first metro in India, which is far behind the Delhi subway in the number of lines in Kolkata; there is only one line, and, of course, in the number of stations. Kolkata is the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize winner for literature. There is Tollywood – Kolkata cinema.

Traveling about India it will probably be difficult to live the three giants without attention – three Indian capitals.

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