Advices to determine the color type

Advices to determine the color type

Often you may notice that some part of the clothing of a certain color looks great on one person and totally awful on another one, In this case, it’s not even the age, figure type, weight or height, but in color type. And how do you determine what’s right? There are four type of people: “winter”, “summer”, “spring”, “autumn”.

Advices to determine the color type

Color type “winter”

“Winter” type ladies are always bright. They have light, almost porcelain tone of skin with a shade of blue and blue-black hair, rarely – platinum blond. There are also girls with olive color skin and chestnut curls. They have bright green, blue, brown or gray eyes on the white background. “Winter” ladies fit black and white, turquoise and emerald, purple and pink, lemon, blue and silver colors.

You shouldn’t choose muted or pastel colors, warm yellow, smoky gray or melted milk colors. Ideal fabric is shiny, leather, satin and cashmere. It’s better plain or with a sharp geometric pattern. It’s better to abandon the floral prints. When choosing jewelry, you should give preference to silver, white gold and platinum, diamond, rock crystal.

The color type “Summer”
Girls of this color type have milky-pinkish or pale olive skin with a faint bluish tint. Their hair can be any cool tones. Eyes are light brown, grey or blue with a milky whites. These ladies are good in cool blue, purple, crimson red, pink, gray, brown or beige. Orange, apricot, coral, indigo and fuchsia color won’t suit.

The ideal fabrics are silk, chiffon or jersey. The pattern should be gentle and emphasize the femininity of the figure. Floral prints are excellent. You should abandon from clear lines, cells and bands. Jewelry must not be flashy, matte silver or gray-pink – are ideal options in this case.

The color type “Spring”

Girls with “Spring” color type is very sunny. The have soft, beige-pink skin, blond warm colors hair, blue or gray eyes. Appropriate shades are: peach, salmon, coral and terracotta, champagne, caramel and soft blue.

Black or blueberry, claret and hot pink, indigo, dark green and lemon tones won’t suit for these ladies. The best fabric is light and natural: linen, cotton, jersey – plain or with light fine pattern. Abandon the large prints. When choosing jewelry, pay close attention to yellow gold, amber and pearls.

Color type “Autumn”

The girls with the specified color type have beige, peach or honey colored skin with a slightly golden hue and reddish hair. Eyes can be green, amber, grey, blue or dark brown. They can use brown, red, orange, beige and sand, muted tones of green – pistachio, olive and khaki colors.

Black, gray and sky blue colors absolutely won’t suit them. Lady autumn looks great in dense materials like tweed and corduroy, suede and drape, velour with folk or leopard print. Decorations to choose from are with natural materials – wood, ivory and so on – with some ethnic motifs.

By determining her own color type, each girl can choose right colors of clothes and makeup without any problems. These colors will definitely emphasize dignity of her figure and face, and hide the deficiencies.

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