Age-Old wedding traditions

Age-Old wedding traditions

The preparation for a wedding ceremony and its carrying are always associated with different rites. From year to year the novelties of all sorts concerning this special event appear. By the way, many age-old traditions are still up-to-date but the others had been forgotten long ago. Lest we forget, in the olden days people treated a wedding and rites quite seriously. Ladies has been collecting their portion beforehand and preparing for the future wifehood.

Age-Old wedding traditions

So, which interesting rites and traditions had our ancestors kept up on this special day?

Marriage proposal

Surely it’s well-known that a groom with his family members and close friends went to a bride’s house. But not all people know that after that a bride was bound by certain restrictions. For instance, she couldn’t go outside alone and do some housework anymore.


A bride’s portion was accounted on the bride-show. It was considered the mother-in-law’s responsibility. The bride-show followed the marriage proposal and was accompanied by carols. If a girl decided not to marry, she could just stay at her bedroom and not go up to a groom and his family. That meant she refused to get married.


• This event took place in a week after bride-show. There was the great holiday feast. It aimed to sign a document with the exact date of wedding. After signing this document it was impossible for a bride and a groom to refuse to marry.
• What is interesting is that a bride didn’t appear during this “procedure”. Since that moment a bride and a groom couldn’t see each other.

Hen party

This age-old rite is absolutely different from the modern concept of hen day. On the day before wedding ceremony a bride had to hand her kerchief to her friend or just burn it. This embodied the parting with girlhood. Then she had her hair taken out of braids and was taken to the baths.

Changing a hairstyle

• After wedding ceremony new-made wife’s hair was unbraided and then fastened. A bride put on her kerchief and since then she couldn’t make a public appearance bare-headed.
• In those days girl’s hair were considered to be the symbol of beauty. After ceremony only husband could see them.


This tradition meant the wife and husband’s joint visit to the bride’s parents. The visitation was symbolical of the fact that a wife could be at her home only as a guest, a visitor.

There are a great many wedding traditions. Some of them are still popular in our country and the long-forgotten rites can become the original way of preparing for this long-awaited event.

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