Ah, these lush lashes: create a compelling look!

Ah, these lush lashes: create a compelling look!

Eyelashes are the woman’s decoration. They protect our eyes from external influences such as dust, wind, rain and sunlight. They make our sight open and bright or mysterious and beckoning. Perhaps every woman would like to be the owner of beautiful, long, fluffy eyelashes. But not always we can see them in the mirror. And not only heredity should be blamed in it.

Ah, these lush lashes create a compelling look

Our eyelashes are constantly under stress:

– Dry from the water, we wash ourselves, and tears that we sometimes shed;
– Fade from the sun;
– Fall, when we chafe eyes with our hands;
– Perish when we remove mascara with a wrong mean, for example, soap or milk for the face, instead of a special liquid makeup remover.

As a result a woman’s face with a few short lashes growing in different directions looks at as from the mirror sometimes.

How to create the eyelashes of your dreams?

In these days when it is fashionable to have a well-kept (and therefore healthy) appearance, cosmetic companies produce the means to care for all parts of our body. There are such goods for eyelashes too.

We can recover the good condition of the lashes with the help of unique equipment – special gel-conditioner. It was created specifically for this purpose; it has a natural composition and contains no fragrances. Eyelash conditioners are produced by several cosmetic companies. They look like a tube of mascara, and there are different types: with identical bristles along the entire length of the brush and with different (long, designed for the care of eyelashes, and short – for eyebrows). Such gels are based on water and glycerin and contain vitamins for growth and repair of hair (because eyelashes are the same hair).

If you use such special conditioners constantly (just as, for example, we use a brush to clean the teeth), they will strengthen the lashes, smooth their surface and thereby allow the mascara to keep the whole day without shedding.

Whom is the gel-conditioner created for?

– For those who have dry and brittle eyelashes;
– For those who want to make their eyelashes at least a little longer;
– For people with damaged lashes;
– For those who have thin lashes;
– For those who use extension, volume or any other mascara: after removing the dye from the eyelashes gel will quickly restore them;
– For those who use waterproof mascara: it always contains the substances to achieve durability, which cause drying of eyelashes;
– For those who do not dye the eyelashes: without protection, they are influenced by all that is in the air, on the road, in the room.

How to achieve results?

Eyelash conditioners have a natural composition. They do not contain any oils that might get into the eye, or perfumes. They are not sticky and quickly absorbed, caring of both the eyelashes, and eyebrows. Conditioners restore hair structure and nourish the eyelashes and eyebrows bulbs to the new hairs grew faster.
But miracles do not happen: the very conditioner, while lying on your shelf will not work. It needs you. Give it some of your time. Daily.

• Apply gel-conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows two times a day (morning and evening, after washing the face);
• Those who use mascara need to wait until the gel is absorbed in the hair before coloring eyelashes;
• For emergency recovery of eyelashes it can be applied twice a day.

The product is applied as well as the mascara, so the procedure is familiar to us. The only difference is that the gel has no color, it is transparent, and it must be applied not once but two times per day: in the morning and before the bedtime.

A short time after the application of the conditioner, you’ll note that your lashes become stronger, long and thick, as well as more smooth, and the mascara stay longer on them.
And soon, looking in the mirror, you will see that you now have the eyelashes of your dreams.

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