Alarms-antistress: the features

Alarms-antistress: the features

It’s hardly to find people, who like to get up right after the alarm, because it always rings at the wrong time and in most cases interrupts a sweet dream on the most interesting place. Fortunately, there is now a great opportunity to wake up in the morning in a good mood with the help of modern alarms-antistress.

 Alarms-antistress the features

Antistress alarm clocks

There are several variants of anti-stress alarms. The first category is the alarms with the special clockwork mechanism, which you can turn off by tossing on against the wall of floor. Some of them are made in the form of different balls: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc. There are models of grenade. Hockey puck and even a spacecraft.

In any case, waking up in the morning with this alarm clock will be much more pleasant and interesting, because how much fun you will get by tossing it with all your strength. And the device doesn’t apply any harm, thanks to a special anti-shock case, and the alarm stops. The main thing is not to miss and not to hit the window or sleeping cat.

By the way, it’s easy to vent your anger and negativity received after a hard day with the help of the antistress alarm clock.

Whom will this clock fit to?

Antistress alarm won’t help only the students, who are often oversleep their classes, but for those people who experience much stress: businessmen, sportsmen, housewives, pupils and even pensioners.

Light alarm
Such clocks are also made for lovers of a pleasant awakening. Light models create a simulated sunshine with the help of lamps, that are burning brighter slowly. Next, the signal is triggered, representing the singing of the birds, the sound of the surf and the other sounds of the nature. This effect has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and health overall.

There are also alarms, that continuously change their light color from green to red – a total of about twelve colors. This effect also reduces nervous tension and improves mood.

Every clock-antistress has a set of core functions that we are expecting from the similar device: displaying time and date, days of the week and different ringtones to choose from and the radio.

Regardless of what clock will you choose, be sure that your morning won’t be cloudy no longer, because there is nothing better than to wake up with the magical sounds of nature or, conversely, to relieve stress, throwing the clock far away!

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