All the truth about barley porridge

All the truth about barley porridge

Our ancestors loved barley porridge, and it get its name from old Russian word “pearl” (pearl barley porridge) – freshwater pearl. And, really, every grain is similar to the pearl by its color and texture, and the sanded surface.

All the truth about barley porridge

There is a perception that cereals bring only benefits for the human body, and the negative aspects are just less well known. It is necessary to understand where is the true.

The use of “river of pearls”

Properly cooked barley carries the force of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. There is a large number of fiber in cereals, and it clean the intestines, removes harmful substances and toxins.

Finally, the feeling of heaviness is gone. That’s why barley porridge is good for people, who have stomach problems. Doctors recommend to do special broths based on barley cereals for those, who is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery in the abdomen.

Polysaccharides in barley are responsible for the level of cholesterol in the body. If a person includes this cereal in his diet every day, polysaccharides clean the body of excess cholesterol.

Vitamin a guards the immune system, it increases the protective functions of the organism as a whole. As you know, any vitamin is better absorbed by the body in the case if it was obtained along with food. Pearl barley can boast by the presence of vitamin A in its composition.

Silicic acid is indispensable for people who suffer of sand or stones in kidneys, gallbladder, urinary system. This acid destroys tumors in vital organs. So it makes sense to eat barley porridge to prevent these diseases.

Damage of barley porridge

It is not recommended to consume cereal for pregnant women, due to the high content of gluten. The child is not in danger, but the expectant mother experience serious changes in her body even without it, so the gluten can upset the digestive processes of the body. Barley porridge should not be eaten by those who have a higher acidity level in the stomach.

A big mistake is to think that pearl barley is easily digested by the body. It is not, because children up to 4 years shouldn’t eat it. Otherwise, the child may disrupt the digestive process.

Barley porridge should be taken with caution for those with allergies. This cereal can cause reaction.

Therefore, barley porridge can and should be used by the vast majority. With its help, you can improve your health and may even extend your life.

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