Allergic dermatitis in pregnant women

Allergic dermatitis in pregnant women

Until now, scientists could not figure out the reason for the incidence of allergic dermatitis, but these figures have become a frightening in the past five years. The problem of allergies is especially true for women during pregnancy. Only 38% of pregnant women had a manifestation of allergic reactions in the anamnesis, so why a dermatitis affects the other 62% of women?

Allergic dermatitis in pregnant women

What is allergic dermatitis?

It must be remembered that allergic dermatitis is not a skin disease and in any case do not treat it as a disease of the skin. This is a manifestation of somatic problems of the body; possibly it is a serious disease of the digestive tract. It looks like this: “harmful” substance getting into the body and can not be digested. After the body tries to neutralize these substances, they acquire the properties of modified allergens causing antibodies. The complex antigen-antibody is formed damaging, the body’s cells causes a rash.

Aggravating factors

It is still unclear what exactly causes it and what the main trigger of it is. Recent studies have shown that well-known causes of reactions in pregnant women at the moment are the following reasons:

– catastrophic environmental degradation;

– great use of genetically modified products;

– a strong change in the psychological state of the expectant mother;

– uncontrollable whirlwind of hormones;

– somatic and viral diseases that can affect the irregular production of antibodies;

– hereditary factor;

– poor diet;

– low insolation;

– sudden changes in temperature.

As you can see, the most ordinary things can trigger an allergic reaction in the expectant mother. Allergic dermatitis is an insidious disease

The second option of the development of dermatitis in expectant mother: woman abused “dangerous” foods while pregnant. Namely she ate such products as grapefruit, a large amount of vitamin C. And this led to the emergence of antibodies, first in the mother and then in the child. In the future, 78% of children will various manifestations of allergies, as his body is sensitized during fetal development.

The manifestation of dermatitis

The manifestation of an allergic reaction in a pregnant woman can be varied and it is due to the unstable hormonal background, as well as the birth of a child’s immunity. Basically, the target cells affect the skin and its appendages. The main symptoms of atopic dermatitis in pregnancy include:

– bundle of nails up to the fact that the nails may fall off;

– hair loss;

– watery eyes;

– profuse rhinitis;

– the appearance of bubbles on the skin;

– redness;

– tamable itching.

A typical manifestation of pregnant dermatitis is the fact that there are periods of exacerbation alternating and periods of remission. Aggravation can be triggered by malnutrition or stresses of the body during pregnancy.

Is allergic dermatitis harmful for pregnant women?

What will happen to the child if a pregnant woman is suffering from allergic dermatitis? Unfortunately, if allergic dermatitis manifested itself many times in a woman, the baby’s immune system is already “tuned” for allergies.

Scientists have proved that the antigen-antibody complex is able to damage the placenta and sensitizing the body secondarily (The body of the baby has not yet met with the allergen, but antibodies were transferred secondarily, from his mother) and at the genetic level of the baby the information that it is needed to produce excessive amounts of lymphocytes has already laid. This shift of lymphocytes is typical for children with allergies and information about potential allergens lies at the genetic level.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis

You must take into account the condition of the pregnant woman, if symptoms of dermatitis deliver much trouble, it is necessary to begin treatment. First of all, consult your doctor, treatment should be carried out under his close supervision strictly comply with his instructions.

Depending on the degree of symptoms dose of antihistamine and sedative drugs will be assigned. Antiallergic mash and ointment for external use will greatly facilitate the state of a pregnant woman. It is recommended to assign the application of corticosteroid ointment for a few days (2-4) in case of severe allergic dermatitis. You must adhere to a strict diet during the use of therapy.

Traditional medicine

So, all medications of traditional medicine those assisting in the fight against atopic dermatitis are divided into: lotions, tinctures, ointments.

Recipe of medicinal tincture for allergic dermatitis:

Ingredients: – fine chopped grass of “tree peony” in the amount of one tablespoon.

– crushed valerian root in the amount of one tablespoon.

– 200 g of alcohol.

The method of preparing: fill the glass with the grass (for each types of grass its own glass) and fill it with alcohol and put in a dark place providing warmth. Insist three weeks. Upon expiration, mix with each other. Take 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals. The course is 3 weeks, after the expiry of this period it is necessary to make a 10-day break, and then course can be repeated again.

Recipe of the lotion for skin:

Ingredients: 200 g of boiling water.

15g of speedwell.

The method of preparing: put the speedwell in the glass and pour it with the boiling water, leave for 3 hours in a dark place. Pass it through a sieve. Treat the affected skin 5 times a day. This lotion is suitable not only for pregnant women, but also for the child

Recipe for antipruritic ointment:

Ingredients: chamomile flowers and willow-herb

50g of hay dust uploaded in with 400g of boiling water

400g of water

15g of glycerol and butter

Preparing: mix chamomile flowers and willow-herb, cover with hot water, put on the stove and bring to a boil, cover and let simmer 7 minutes. Opening the lid, add the broth of hay dust and butter, stir the mixture and continue to cook over low heat, until the mixture become smooth, having achieved this, mixed it with glycerin in a ratio of 1: 1.

Warning: Keep the ointment in a cool place. Lubricate the skin 4 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Prevention of allergic dermatitis

First of all it is a strict and proper diet of the future mother.

If you had allergies in the past it is recommended to keep a food diary, which will control the products, their amount and the reaction of the organism to them.

The meaning of this diary is to exclude products which cause allergic reactions.

You must preserve the body of a pregnant woman from colds.

Minimize stress situations.

Avoid climate changes during pregnancy and sudden changes in temperature.

Avoid smoking, both active and passive (nicotine is a powerful allergen).

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