An unforgettable trip to Cambodia

An unforgettable trip to Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia – it’s a huge number of temples, lost in the jungle, the magnificent Mekong river, the mysterious island with the cranks, who left the city for the sunrises, sunsets on the Gulf of Siam and unique wild beaches, where you can escape from the outside world in a shack of palm leaves. One trip to Cambodia will provide a sea of good memories and feelings. On the one hand, this area in South-East Asia still does not have the same tourist status as Thailand, but on the other hand this is its peculiarity advantage, because the local area is more cleaner and natural.


Cambodia: a bit of history

The Kingdom of Asia has a rich history and countless ancient architectural sites and temples. Currently, Cambodia is only gaining popularity as a location for tourists, but the beauty of nature and comfort is not inferior to other countries in South-East Asia. The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. The main population in the state is the Khmer and the Cambodians, who number more than 14 million. From the history the country gained independence in 1955; until that time, France ruled there for almost a century. Gradually, a National Bank and the Cambodian currency were established. There is one note for tourists: in many resort areas of Cambodia, including the temple complex of Angkor Wat, the locals are fluent in English, menus in cafes and restaurants are also in this language.

Tours to Cambodia

The development of infrastructure and tourism in the South-East of the country intensified after the release of the famous movie “Lara Croft – Tomb Raider”, which was filmed in this area. The greatest attention of tourists today is drawn to a hidden jungle temple complex, the beauty of which was captured on camera and distributed all over the world. With the popularity of the film, interest to Cambodia also grew. So, next there will be the most popular tours of the state.

Angkor – the city, lost in the jungle

The ancient city is, rightly, the true heritage of Cambodia. No tourist will pass by this mysterious location, located right in the heart of the jungle. Tour to Angkor lasts the whole day, so seasoned travelers recommend to dress the most comfortable clothes and shoes and bring food and water. The price of this tour is about $100 per person.


The ancient city is considered to be the largest temple complex in the world, its area is about 200 sq. m., modern town, Siemreal is nearby. The tour can include not only Angkor but other nearby areas, for example, the Tonle SAP, memorable for its floating villages.

Today more than 200 sights of the ancient town of Angkor are available to the eyes of tourists. Each religious building has its own unique history, the origins of which entail in ancient times of

Angarskoi Empire

There are 72 main temples in Angkor, built of brick and stone. On both sides of five bridges that lead to the gates of Angkor-Thom, there are huge sculptures, their number exceeds one hundred.

One of the most mysterious temples of Angkor is the Bayon, which is famous for its diversity. Angkor Watt is a cult building with a millennial history. A three-level complex has a lot of secret passages, intricate stairways and passages joining the chambers of cells. Complex geometry and the harmony and proportionality of the buildings, at the same time, impresses even a seasoned architect. Technology of local architecture is still unknown to the modern sovereigns of construction. The structure and appearance of the island on a sandy basis symbolizes the mythical mount

Meru, the tower of the temple is its top, the walls repeat the shape of the mountain, and a ditch is associated with the ocean.

Angkor Watt – is 5 rectangular towers in the shape of a lotus, which is located in the heart of the temple complex, enclosed by a high wall. After the sunrise at Angkor Wat, the tour will continue to the temple of Baphuon, which is also called the temple of reclining Buddha. After exploring mysterious terrain, the guides lead tourists to the Royal Palace, the Phimeanakas temple, by the secret path, leading to the Tree of Desires and the Royal baths. The terrace of Elephants and Leper king and the 12 towers is not far away.

Shooting of adventure film “Lara Croft” took place in Ta Prohm, followed by the temple of Phnom Bakheng, famous for its stunning sunsets over Angkor Wat and Tonlesap lake. This building is a temple-mountain with five tiers and seven levels, taking into account the foundation and the top.

Tour in Phnom Penh

The story of Phnom Penh started in XII century. It is located at the junction of the rivers Mekong and Tonlesap. Its inhabitants, and the city itself, have their own soul, character, completely different from the other. Here tourists will be surprised with its mystery and magnificence of these temples and sights:

1. Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace. The most significant area in the city, which is considered a must visit. Royal Palace – is the current residence of king, representing a complex of buildings, built in the Khmer architectural style. Pagoda – is one of the components of life of local residents, because the religion has a sacred value. Cambodians visit the Pagoda before work/school day, and spend there time and weekends. Buddhism here is not imposed, moreover people in this area don’t ask donations and much more.

2. Wat Phnom – temple on top of a hill. The name of the city Phnom Penh with the Cambodian language means “mountain Stump”. Legend tells, that the city was founded by a nun with the name of Stump, who found several statues of Buddha in a tree trunk brought by the Mekong river. An earthen hill was near her house, and on top of that was built Wat Phnom, pleasing tourists with its magnificence and interior now.

3. The Temple Of The Eyebrow. It is also called Wat Ounalom, and it is the main Buddhist temple of the Kingdom in South-East Asia. Wat Ounalom was built before the capital city of Cambodia was Phnom Penh. All Cambodian Patriarchy is in there. It was named in honor of the fact, that in this area the mortar saved the hair from the eyebrow of the Buddha. There is also the Institute for the study of Buddhism.


4. National Museum of Cambodia. It is located on the Central square of the city, near the waterfront. Here is a huge collection of Khmer art, rare sculptures, ceramics, works of bronze and painting. At the national Museum of Cambodia there are products not only of the Angkor period, but also more ancient, representing the greatest value. Also here there are works of modern Cambodian art.

5. Phnom Tamao Zoo. The zoo captures the total area of 2285 hectares, where there are over 84 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Also there are two ancient temples on the area of Phnom Tamao.

6. Quay. One of the most attractive and popular places for tourists, which is located in the heart of the city near the banks of the Mekong and Tonlesap. Daily, at dawn, there are hundreds of people doing exercises. For locals it is a popular tradition.

The tourist town of Phnom Penh has nightlife, it has everything for modern living: restaurants, variety of mini-cafes, night clubs. In addition, there are a variety of dance parties and music shows near the waterfront in the evenings.

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