Arabic style in the interior

Arabic style in the interior

Our idea of the Arabic style of interior decoration, we can lay down on the basis of east tales stories. Luxurious interiors and rich, bright colors, low sofas, upholstered in expensive velvet, canopy over the bed, cold stone floors covered with fluffy rugs, numerous embroidered pillows – this is partly true. And is it possible to embody it in the interior of modern apartment? Of course, the answer is ‘yes’, but under certain conditions.

Arabic style in the interior

Characteristic features of the Arabic style in the interior

– Arabic style is suitable only for large rooms.
– Rich colors. With the decoration of the house residents of the East demonstrate social status and monetary wealth. Therefore, the interior of the home should look bright, colorful and luxurious.

And very often, ‘the effect of high prices’ is artificially created by professional designers. Preference is given to discreet, natural colors: sand, terracotta, beige and light brown. Areas of emphasis are made by using bright colors, such as red, blue, green, bright yellow, crimson and emerald.

– Use only the necessary pieces of furniture. Large sofas, upholstered in velvet, brocade or camel skin; small tables with low legs; stools, replacing chairs; chests instead of puffs; wall niches with shelves.

– The abundance of textiles and decor. Fabrics are expensive of saturated colors. Most often brocade, silk and velvet are used. As the main elements of the decor are the original floor vases, cushions various in color, size and shape, huge water pipes, forged metal lamps.

– Muted, soft lighting.

Bedroom in Arabic style

The main piece of furniture in bedroom is large bed with the low legs, always with canopy. The choice of colors depends on the preferences of the owners of the room. To create the atmosphere of wealth and luxury, you can use the red-golden palette. If the bedroom is designed more for the rest, it is necessary to give preference to less saturated colors: muted green, pale orange, ivory.

Special attention should be paid to the ceiling. It should be high, decorated with original paintings or baseboards.

To embody the atmosphere of the East in the bedroom, you can use the specific flavors, spreading around the room scented candles or placing miniature pillow filled with spices on the ottoman.

Kitchen in Arabian style

The distinctive point in the Arab-style kitchen is mandatory use of arabesques, which decorate different surfaces. As a color scheme preference is given to warm deep shades: red, crimson and emerald.

The main items of furniture in the ‘Arabic’ kitchen are a simple kitchen set, cupboard, a wooden table of a strict form and chairs. All furniture must be made of natural materials.

Not everyone can afford Arabic style of interior design. But if you’ve decided to invest a large sum of money in the repair and chose this style, created atmosphere of oriental mystery, serenity and harmony are sure to impress both your households and guests.

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