Art deco kitchen design

Art deco kitchen design

Art deco style is a fashionable and innovative design solution, as it enables to combine various aspects of different stylistic schools in one interior, which may, at first glance, seem to be incongruous. Before using this style for your kitchen decoration, it’s important to keep in mind that for this style large and spacious room suits the best.

Art deco kitchen design

If your kitchen isn’t very large, it’s advisable to seek advice from an interior designer, who will help to arrange and decorate the kitchen in the right way, in order to make it practical, comfortable and without lacking stylistic details. However, the home owners themselves are quite able to create their own kitchen interior in art deco style.

First of all, you need to select a harmonious color palette, which will be the background and the basis for a full-fledged design. It’s better to prefer pastel or neutral shades, a light golden or silver colors are acceptable as well. To make the interior even more refined, you may create a slight contrast in the room decoration.

Decorative materials should be expensive and of high quality. It’s advisable to lay out the floor with parquet board or laminate with a geometrical pattern. You may arrange a multi-level kitchen ceiling surface, decorated with bright lights and lamps. If you decide to leave the ceiling smooth and light, choosing the right central chandelier, which will illuminate the room, becomes of crucial importance.

To complete the design it’s very important to make the correct window decoration. Curtains should be light, airy, with a plain and simple pattern. It’s better to choose curtains of solid dark fabric with oriental or floral prints.

A set of furniture for the art deco kitchen should be massive, pretentious, but at the same time spacious and practical. Decorative scrollwork, carved or forged parts, gilded patterns are also possible. It’s preferable to choose a set with smooth and rounded shapes and lines. Electrical equipment should look aged and if you have any modern equipment, it’s better to embed or hide it in the furniture.

The stylistic trend of art deco is perfect for arranging a comfortable and practical kitchen. This style will enable to create a luxurious and romantic design that will meet the requirements of every woman. Art deco can be used for the kitchen interior of any size and layout, therefore it can be used even in city apartments.

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