Art Nouveau style in the interior

Art Nouveau style in the interior

The name of Art Nouveau style can be interpreted as a ‘new art’, a branch of modern style, which enjoyed extraordinary popularity from 1885 till 1914 years. Mysterious and magnificent Art

Art Nouveau style in the interior

Nouveau style in the interior that embodies the romance of art was born in France and soon covered almost all Europe. Currently, Art Nouveau is a kind of decorative style with ornamental floral elements.

The trademark of Art Nouveau is the famous embroidered image of the artist Hermann Obrist, showing impulsive and sharp bends of bine. The original title of the work was ‘Alpine violets’, but then approved the wording ‘lash of a whip.’ It is this figure became a famous symbol of Art Nouveau.

The emphasis on the floral ornament of Art Nouveau

The nature was the source of inspiration and muse for designers, who are drawing up the room in this style. Therefore, the hallmarks of Art Nouveau are: the absence of rectangular contours of the interior elements and accented demonstration of natural motifs, natural plant and flower forms. The curved lines of objects of decoration and furniture, inherent the Art Nouveau style, reminiscent of the graceful stems, flower buds, crispy seaweed, filled with plant energy.

Stylistic originality is based on the unity of all art objects in a certain space. Furniture, mirrors in carved frames, interior details, lighting harmoniously and successfully complement each other.

Sometimes it seems that the long curved stem of exotic plants twists around the entire room. The intricate composition of openwork leaves and flowers, as well as the outfield grass, birds and animals are a characteristic feature of the style of Art Nouveau.

The uniqueness of the interior and furniture

Original furniture, accessories and furnishings made in accordance with the Art Nouveau style, have some specific features:

– A form of cabinet and upholstered furniture is fundamentally different from the typical with smooth bends, streamlining and ornate decorative. Thanks to wavy shapes even heavy massive headsets acquire visual lightness and fragility;

– Expensive and natural materials dominate; the priority is given to the rare kinds of wood, exquisite textiles and expensive leather. Ready-made pieces of furniture are decorated with stone, glass, or painted. Furniture sets of the style are usually made on the author’s projects. This furniture belongs to the category of luxury items. In the world of wealth and luxury there is no place for anything artificial;

– Color palette of Art Nouveau tends to watercolor tenderness. In the production of furniture ensembles only natural shades are used: dark wood, sand and grass. Pastel background colors dominate in decoration of the walls and ceiling.

Everything new in the interior is a modern manifestation of the forgotten motives. Today apartments in Art Nouveau style allow feeling the luxury of colorful forms of past centuries. Due to its natural lines, the elegance and ethnic patterns this style is able to give comfort and refuge from the stress and bustle.

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