Astaxanthin: health benefits

Astaxanthin: health benefits

Astaxanthin is a unique dietary supplement that enjoys fantastic popularity among many men and women, despite the fact that not so long ago no one knew about it. The reason for such a huge popularity is the benefit of astaxanthin for the human body.


Astaxanthin belongs to the antioxidant group, being its leading representative. The benefits of receiving a dietary supplement for the body can be talked about for a long time – it is actively used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, including heart disease, vascular or endocrine system, organs of the gastrointestinal system, the musculoskeletal structure.

In addition, Astaxanthin helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the body and all its systems; due to this, dietary supplement is indispensable for the men and women who dream to stay young and healthy as long as possible.

Astaxanthin – what is it?

Astaxanthin is a keratosis pigment of plant origin, which is most often extracted from algae Haematococcus pluvialis. Because of its unique molecular structure, Astaxanthin is present in the composition of many drugs, and anti-aging cosmetics.

Today, after many medical and laboratory researches, it was found that Astaxanthin acts as a very powerful antioxidant. The main use of Astaxanthin is that it effectively fights free radicals ‘attacking’ the human body. This is confirmed by the following indicators:

• Astaxanthin has a powerful antioxidant effect, which is approximately 63 times higher than a similar action of vitamin C.
• Antioxidant effect of vitamin A to 50 times less than this substance.
• In comparison with such famous ‘fighter’ with free radicals as vitamin E, Ataxanthin exceeds its antioxidant effect in 15 times.

What are notorious free radicals, which all are afraid of so much? Free radicals are oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons.

When injected into the human body free radicals begin to actively destroy the healthy cells, compensating the lack of electrons.
Regeneration of damaged cells is impossible; therefore, most of all healthy cells are affected. As a result, there is the rapid aging of the organism, the deterioration of all internal organs and systems.

Positive properties of Astaxanthin

Benefits of Astaxanthin for the body are very complex and diverse. So, one of the main properties of a dietary supplement is considered its effectiveness against UV. It is known that ultraviolet light leads to photoaging, which is displayed not only on the external human form, but also on the state of the internal organs. But this is not all the benefits of a unique drug.


• Astaxanthin improves all metabolic processes in the body, resulting in improved supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues. The substance improves the condition of the skin, accelerates the process of regeneration.

• Dietary supplement recommended for use for people who are fond of sports, both professionals and amateurs. Astaxanthin enhances muscle fibers and their degree of endurance increases making even intense workouts much easier.

• Astaxanthin improves vision, increases its sharpness, reduces the signs of aging of organs of sight, it is effective for the prevention of cataracts and other diseases.

• Especially the use of a dietary supplement is recommended for people with chronic varicose insufficiency, since it significantly strengthens the walls of large and small blood vessels, restoring their elasticity.

• Astaxanthin also prevents the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, significantly reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

• Normalization of the stomach, intestines activity, improving digestion, accelerate metabolism.

• Astaxanthin has a positive effect on the central nervous system, activates brain activity, preventing the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

• One of the major benefits of Astaxanthin over other dietary supplements is the ability to repeatedly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

• Like all antioxidants, astaxanthin improves immunity, activity and health, gives energy and great mood.

Astaxanthin in modern cosmetology

Due to its unique therapeutic and antioxidant properties, Astaxanthin is widely used not only in the pharmaceutical field, but also in cosmetology. Antioxidants present in the composition of many new cosmetic products of new generation.

Experts advise women to combine the use of cosmetic products with the internal intake of dietary supplement. According to many fans of Astaxanthin, the first positive results can be seen in 2-3 weeks. The result is seen in restored elasticity and firmness of the skin, the color of the face improves, small wrinkles are smoothed. As a result, you have a healthy, blooming, youthful appearance.

Astaxanthin is also believed to have the ability to effectively fight acne and other problems of oily skin. Within 7 regular applications the sebaceous glands activity normalizes, the fat gloss and black dots on the face vanish.

Indications and contraindications to the use of staxanthin

As already mentioned, Astaxanthin is used not only for the treatment of many diseases of internal organs, but also as a prophylactic agent. Particularly the use of the unique dietary supplement is recommended for men and women with various problems of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular system, diseases of the skin, eyes, kidneys, liver, and central nervous system.

Thanks to the many healing properties, Astaxanthin is also recommended during rehabilitation after operations, for lifting immunity, restore health and vigor.

Dosing of Astaxanthin is very simple: you need to use one capsule of dietary supplement per day, preferably during meals.

Dietary supplement has little contraindications. Astaxanthin should not be applied only in the case if a person is hypersensitive to one of the active components of the composition of the supplemen

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