Attraction of Sydney

Attraction of Sydney

The most famous city in Australia is Sydney. There is always something to see in the cultural and beautiful city. Golden beaches, numerous tours, incredible night clubs and restaurants. All of this is the next door to the fantastic world of wildlife.

Attraction of Sydney

The Opera House is the visiting card of this city. It’s not like all other theaters in the world. It has the shape of a boat and stands in the water. The architect of this wonderful project received many different awards. However, the construction lasted 27 years, and he never lived till its opening.

The bridge of grand construction of Harbor-Bridge was built before the second world war. It’s not just a beautiful building, it connects the Central part of Sydney with its Northern part. They are separated by a huge gulf. This bridge has separate paths for walking, bicycles and cars. The building has become popular due to the huge arch made of metal. Pre-booking tickets you can climb the highest peak of the bridge with the guide. A great view of the entire city is opening there.

Sydney tower is the tallest building in the city. And it has the second place in the country. The height of this masterpiece is about three hundred meters. This tower is one of the favorite attractions of visitors. There are high-speed elevators inside the building, that can bring the person to the top, maximum for 40 seconds. Also you can see the whole city, passing through a completely transparent corridor that towers over Sydney at a great height.

The aquarium of the city is not far behind from the other world structures in size. It must be visited. If you are going along the exhibits without stopping, it will take about 3 hours. It’s really immense building. The aquarium is divided into sections, depending on geographical location, where the pets were caught.

The locals like the Royal Botanical Garden. Tourist also come here to relax. There are inscriptions all over the territory, where you can hug a tree, smell the flowers or lie on the grass.
And also the city can offer clean beaches, walking on water, amazing landscapes for recreation.

Beautiful Sydney is able to give tourists plenty of entertainment. Visiting the wine valley, close seeing of dolphins and whales, everyone’ll want to come back more than once!

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