Autumn manicure: the best ideas in golden color

Autumn manicure: the best ideas in golden color

At the end of the last summer days, many representatives of the fair sex are thinking about autumn fashion trends in manicure. Autumn is a magical time of year in which the nature before the winter sleep gives the last gasps of beauty. Dazzling yellow leaves on the trees and at the feet, the warm rays of the sun filtering through the gray clouds, all this creates a good mood and a desire to conform to the image of the autumn. Beautiful manicure of autumn 2016 necessarily combines fashion trends of this year and seasonal colors.

Autumn manicure: the best ideas in golden color

Fashion trends of autumn 2016

Fashion trends of the autumn manicure in 2016 are not quite standard. First and foremost it is worth noting the preference of textures in manicure, in the creation of which one design harmoniously combines sand, gold, matte finish and transparency. Modulations of colors, gradients are also stylish. Autumn manicure in 2016 is also performed in military style.

Autumn manicure: the best ideas in golden color

1. French manicure in golden color. French manicure is unique in itself, but the combination of gold in it is especially important this year. To create trendy nail design in French style you can use a special foil. The combination of colors can be very different. The main thing is that they should emphasize the autumn motif.

2. Moon manicure. This type has only recently entered the fashion trends, but has gained popularity among the modern fashionistas.

3. Brilliant manicure. Nails design with sequins or special foil makes the image brighter and luxurious.

4. Gradient. Golden gradient manicure is one of the current trends of autumn 2016. Smooth transitions in several shades of gilt are the bright and stylish design of modern fashion.

Autumn manicure: the best ideas in golden color

Combinations of colors

The main color of the autumn manicure in 2016 is gold. This color is associated not only with the arrival of the golden autumn, but with the luxury, elegance and grace. And in combination with modern techniques and some flowers, it looks extremely impressive. Main used combinations of colors of the autumn fashion manicure in 2016 are black and gold, red and gold.

Combination of red and gold

These two shades are of perfect harmony and give the image inspiration of the nature. This duo looks impressive, regardless of the method of nail polish application. The simplest version of a combination of red and gold is applying of the red hue to the majority of the nails and gold to the ring or middle finger. For such a design you can use various tapes, sequins and rhinestones.

The red color in combination with gold is suitable for a holiday manicure. There are a lot of the variants of this combination. If you select more colors and basic application techniques you should focus on trendy manicure of autumn 2016 that is perfectly displayed in the photo. According to experts, the best techniques for combining these colors will be ‘Feng Shui’, French, moon manicure and themed drawings. The gold-plated tips look spectacular on the long nails.

Combination of black and gold

This is one of the most elegant color combinations. Black and gold design of the autumnal manicure with the help of lunar technology perfectly decorates your short nails. For long nails it is better to use of gold tinsel. Color pair draws attention to the possessor, it is chosen by bright and bold persons. For manicure autumn black and gold design can be supplied in various forms: the alternation of French with solid colors, geometric patterns using two or three shades of nail polish, lunar patterns, and modern gradient.

Combination of black and gold

French golden manicure: ideas

French manicure has been very popular for many decades due to its versatility and luxury. The variety of proposed techniques and color combinations allow the creation of a perfect design for different occasions, from everyday to solemn. Implementation of the French manicure is not particularly difficult: the plate is covered with bright paint, and gold plating is applied to the tips of the plates. Anchoring effect is performed with a transparent nail polish.

The main secret of the French popularity is a remarkable transformation of the hands, giving the image of grooming and care. Furthermore manifold of the design types, French can be created by using different materials. The most frequently used material is considered to be the gel lacquer, which saves on the design as long as possible. This year the moon French is in trend, in which the smile line is drawn at the base of the nail plate.

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