Ayurveda: the ancient wisdom for effective weight loss

Ayurveda: the ancient wisdom for effective weight loss

Nowadays, it’s extremely popular to have a slim body and to be fit and athletic. Those, who wish to lose excessive weight, start visiting gyms, adhere to strict diets, which exhaust their bodies, and often fail to reach the result they want. Pursuing their aim to become slim, they forget about the traditional knowledge that hides wise and effective methods to lose weight.

Ayurveda: the ancient wisdom for effective weight loss

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to use Ayurveda for losing weight – that is the Vedic Indian practice. The usage of this methods brings positive results, therefore, if you want to lose weight within the shortest possible period of time – this article will be extremely useful for you.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda – is a doctrine originating from the Vedic Indian culture more than 5 thousand years ago. Literally Ayurveda can be translated as “the knowledge of life”; therefore, this doctrine cannot be treated as health information alone: this is the science, containing principles upon which one’s life should be based. For example, Ayurveda claims that in order to cure an illness, not only its symptoms should be carefully studied, but peculiarities of the human body as well. The doctors of ancient India were well aware of the human body organization and developed numerous effective hints related to building up a healthy diet, which are still acute even today.

Ayurveda and nutrition

According to this Vedic doctrine, the functioning of the human body depends on nutrition. Ayurveda says it straight: unhealthy nutrition – is the root of all the human illnesses. For this very reason food has positive and negative aspects: its quality and naturalness influences the human body ability to withstand diseases. No medicine will be beneficial for a person, if he fails to adhere to a healthy diet.

Ayurveda and nutrition

The compilers of Ayurveda were sure that there is a direct link between contraction of many diseases and influence of food waste, such as toxins, wastes and poisons, which are being continually accumulated in the human body. By adhering to the diet and the right daily regiment you can save yourself from lots of illnesses and maintain your health.

According to Ayurveda, any dish we make consists of five basic elements: fire, water, earth, air and essence, called ether. By following the correct balance between these primary elements, you can balance the three qualities of life (gunas). Thus, a guna called “Sattva” is responsible for the brain activity and thinking abilities. “Radjas” guna stimulates active human activity and “Tamas” guna controls satisfying the human requirements. If a person adheres to a healthy diet, all the three gunas will be balanced; otherwise, he’ll be prone to disharmony and lots of diseases.

Human types according to Ayurveda

The Vedic doctrine tells us about three types of doshas – three types of energies, which, unfortunately, can become unbalanced. These are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everything around us contains these doshas, which are directly related to the natural elements.

Human types according to Ayurveda

According to these three doshas, all the people can be divided into three types, each of them being characterized by its own body build, character and attitude towards the outside world. Every human is dominated by one dosha. If it is balanced with the other doshas, we feel great; otherwise, we feel terrible, lose any working and creative thinking abilities.

Nutrition influences the element combination within the human body. What is healthy for one person is unacceptable for another. For this very reason, there is no diet that can help all the people who want to lose weight: everyone should find a nutrition program that is suitable for him personally. This is the only way to improve metabolism, digestion, intelligence, as well as lose weight and become healthier.

The type of human constitution (thus, the type of dosha as well) influences the human nutrition program. Various doshas accept one kind of products and strongly reject another. It’s necessary to analyze each of them.


Translated from Sanskrit means “wind”. People with this type of dosha prevailing have quite a skinny body build. Their bones are thin and muscles are underdeveloped. It’s very easy to recognize these people by dry, but curly hair, pale skin, on which every single punch can leave a bruise, and short lashes. The representatives of this type are peculiar for quick thinking, speaking and moving. About such a person people usually say: “He thinks on his feet”. However, quick memorizing is compensated by equally quick forgetting. Vata has extremely fast metabolism, which always enables a representative of this type to stay skinny. The Vata diet should contain rice, nuts, buckwheat and dairy products. It’s advisable to refuse eating fresh vegetables and soya.

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