Ayurveda: the ancient wisdom for effective weight loss

Ayurveda: the ancient wisdom for effective weight loss


Translated from Sanskrit means “fire”. Representatives of this type are characterized by normal body build. They possess explosive behavior, since Pitta contains lots of fire. For such a person losing temper and getting angry is worth nothing. They have quite an eye-catching appearance as well: blond or red hair, pink skin, which can become bright red if a Pitta person is enraged. Due to fast metabolism, Pitta is like an oven: his hands and feet never feel cold and therefore, he bears heat and hunger heavily. Such people should consume large amount of smallage, asparagus, dairy products, beans, mint, cinnamon and dill. However, nuts, saffron and red meat should be excluded of the diet.


Translated from Sanskrit means “slime”. Representatives of this type are prone to obesity and fatness. They have problems with healthy nutrition as well as with metabolism speed. It’s easy to recognize a Kapha person: he has thick shiny hair, the same kind of lashes, wide shoulders, large eyes and clean skin. Kapha people take the world around them calmly: they are quite slow, like to sleep a lot, don’t pay attention to any kind of the weather. People of this type possess such a slow metabolism that any food can become fat in their bodies. For this very reason, Kapha should pay special attention to compiling his menu, which should be based on beans, rice and soya cheese. It’s strongly forbidden to eat any kinds of sweets, except small helpings of honey. Amount of chicken and beef also should be limited.

If all the doshas are balanced and are in equilibrium, then the human health has nothing to be scared of. Disease can appear only in case of misbalance: a person becomes amenable to those illnesses, which are related to increasing of his strongest dosha.

The principles of nutrition according to Ayurveda

• A person should eat only when seated.
• The noon is perfect time for the main meal.
• It’s necessary to calm down and forget about any negative thoughts before eating.
• One should have his meal in quiet and peaceful atmosphere without watching television, reading books and magazines or talking.
• After eating, one should stay at the table for 5 minutes.
• The break between meals should be 3-4 hours – this is ideal time for full-fledged digestion.

These are only the basic principles. There a lot of rules, regulating the process of healthy nutrition. For example, it’s advisable not to have meals after sunset. You should eat only when it is necessary, meaning only when you feel hungry. You shouldn’t overeat: take only ¾ of the normal ration. Food should be warm, but not cold or hot.

Ayurveda forbids eating food that was made yesterday or the day before yesterday: you can eat only the dishes you’ve cooked today. Moreover, it is not recommended to wash down food, especially with cold drinks. To improve digestion and absorption of food, spices should be used.

Milk should be drunk separately from other products. The best way is to drink it hot with sugar, cardamom or pepper. It’s necessary to exclude industrially manufactured cheeses, ice-cream and yoghurts form the diet, as well as reduce the amount of fried, salty and sour food. According to Ayurveda, you can make the effect from nutrition stronger by using physical exercises, for example, yoga.

Ayurveda nutrition secrets

For the optimal body functioning, a human being needs tasty and healthy food. Spray each dish with lemon juice, which will make its taste fresh and special. However, this can be made only during lunchtime, for eating sour food in the morning or in the evening can lead to digestive troubles.

You should use corn oil for frying and refuse the common sunflower, olive and flaxseed oils. Corn oil can withstand high temperatures without dissolving to various poisonous substances.

Ancient Indians believed that food which was cooked not later than three hours ago is the most beneficial for the human body. Such food contains the maximum of nutrients and can bring real benefit for the body. A dish that was cooked more than three hours ago can only harm the human health.

Ayurveda nutrition secrets

The compilers of Ayurveda believed that after cooking, a mechanism of dissolving of nutrient into toxins has been triggered.

Fresh food contains the maximum of healthy substances, but canned products can only harm our health. The case is that canned food doesn’t preserve nutrients that were present in the initial product. Frozen food also has little benefit: it has no value for us and can only speed up the body aging.

The morning meal should be predominantly sweet, the evening one should have neutral taste. The dishes served for lunch should combine 6 tastes: bitter, styptic, spicy, sweet, salty and sour. If the food will unite all the above mentioned tastes, it will fill your body with energy and speed up thinking processes.

You can vary taste sensations from the common food by adding spices into it. However, they should be used reasonably, in accordance with the food combinability principles. Thus, you cannot unite incompatible products within one meal. For example, you mustn’t eat potatoes, oats and rice together or mix vegetables and fruit.

You want your food not only to be healthier, but extremely tasty as well? Complement the cooked dish with a pinch of brown sugar and cow milk. Some dishes, for example the ones containing tomatoes, should always be made with sugar added.

Ayurveda nutrition secrets

You should chew the food thoroughly. As Ayurveda puts it: “You should drink solid food and chew liquid one”. Following this rule will improve your digestion. Moreover, try to be reasonable when eating. Thus, you can fill 2/4 of your stomach with food, 1/4 – with liquid and make sure to leave 1/4 for the air.

It’s advisable to drink before eating. If you feel thirsty while eating, you should take a small glass of warm drink. It’s not recommended to drink within 2 hours after eating: ancient Indians thought that it can put out the digestion fire.

It is not recommended to mix various dishes. Create the rule for yourself – you take only one dish for a meal. The digestion fire burning in our stomachs cannot cope with such a heavy burden.

A person who is cooking the food should stay calm and peaceful. Otherwise, he will transfer his rage, anger and irritation to the food he is making.

For this very reason you shouldn’t eat in places which seem doubtful to you, as well as refuse buying ready-made dishes in stores. Let it be the rule for you – not to save on food and buy only fresh and juicy products.

Remember that only juicy, tasty, fresh and warm food can be healthy. It can fill you with energy and maintain your health for many years. Extremely hot, spicy, salted, dry food that was cooked long ago can only bring harm and become the reason for any diseases.

Ayurveda knowledge that saves your health

A human being has travelled a long way in his development. But this shouldn’t result in arrogant and puffed up refusing from the thousand year old wisdom, which we received from the remote past. The nutrition based on Ayurveda principles has many times proven to be tenable and beneficial. It’s high time for you as well to start using the above mentioned rules.

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