Backpack in a woman’s image

Backpack in a woman’s image

When you are living and breathing the city rhythm, it’s quite hard to underestimate small and convenient accessories, offered to women by designers. Active life and business, lots of interesting events to visit by all means, fitness club, strolls with children – women are fond of making a full use of everything that the city can offer to them.


Such a strain makes the fair sex being well-organized as two daily regimen, clothes and even choice of handbags. Being on the move all the time means having nothing to hinder movements. The only solution that corresponds to these purposes is a backpack, which adapts to enhanced activity and enables to hold working essentials, a laptop, cosmetics, a cell phone and even coffee with a sandwich.

Backpack is a king of a bag, carried at the back using two symmetrical strips sewn-in at the edges. Famous fashion designers consider it necessary for every well-dressed woman to have a designer-made backpack. Fans of this convenient accessory have been pleased with seasonal fashion shows – Prada has breathed new life into the nylon model of the year 1970. Other famous fashion houses have offered their versions as well – Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tumi, Michael Kors.

How to make the right choice?

Casual style is the most convenient and practical; it comprises of comfortable items, which can be easily combined. The basic garments for creating an image in casual style are as follows: jeans, shirts, blouses, a coat or a jacket, sensible shoes. The right combination will enable to create an image suitable for an office, a stroll or a date. Accessories are the elements of crucial importance. A casual backpack must be: compact, fashionable, high-quality, made of leather or thick textile of practical neutral shades. Also it can be made the main accent of the image – in this case, you should prefer a bright model.

A style and preferences may vary, depending on a woman’s way of life. For modern consumers the key factor is quality and durability, followed by aesthetics.

• Active ladies prefer a universally applicable color that is easier to combine with various garments. For example, the natural colors – easily combined brown and green shades are highly popular. The most popular option for casual style is neutral shades combined with right accents. Black, white, brown, grey, pastel shades perfectly combine with each other and with bright colors.

• A stronger material is more suitable for any city activity, but modern citizens often combine work and entertainment during a lunch break. Therefore, new models are often equipped with soft units for laptops and other devices to enable their owners to work on the move.
Textile and genuine or faux leather are still popular.


• A backpack’s shape and size hinge on a woman’s requirements.

Backpack are necessary for a woman living in the city, but their size and style can be adapted to any individual requirements.

• The size of a backpack matters if a woman is going to carry a laptop in it – when choosing a backpack, it’s necessary to pay attention to the necessity of carrying various gadgets in it. Designers have made woman backpacks much smaller lately. Purse-backpacks, messenger bags, as well as models of cylindrical and cubic shapes are considered to be fashionable. Fringes, children prints, ornaments and ethnic motifs are often used for decoration. Such deviation from the classical shapes is easy to explain – men designers are trying to take a burden off women’s shoulders.

Materials and their peculiarities

The high-quality surfaces and style are supported by haberdashery favorites: sackcloth, leather, nylon and linen:

• Sackcloth is the most common material for fashionable casual backpacks – it is easy to clean and is durable and stylish. Classical colors, such as beige, brown, khaki and structured black sackcloth, are used for these items. Embroidered sackcloth for backpacks and bags is popular the second season at a run.
• Leather backpacks is the most obvious choice for those, who aims at finding a replacement for the traditional business briefcase. From dark colors, preserving the professional look, we are moving to bright eye-catching shades and prints, suitable for summer image. If it’s necessary to stick to an elegant look, it’s advisable to choose an item of a pastel shade. The material surface can be decorated with special texture or handle. It’s worth mentioning that leather is the most functional and durable material for making a backpack for the casual image.
• Nylon models are characterized by silky luster and durability. The high quality of nylon is complemented with water-resistance. This version of the accessory may flesh out a street or young image and a sport look.
• Linen – is a fashion trend of this season. It is a light-weight material that can be easily combined with almost any type of casual clothes. It makes your image look natural.


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