Bamboo in a modern interior

Bamboo in a modern interior

Bamboo is a natural material, used for the manufacture of furniture, textile fabrics and accessories. It can replace wood products or complete them, giving the interior a touch of freshness. Designers use bamboo in various ways.

a 3d render of a modern living interior.

Decoration materials

Whole bamboo stems are ideal for the manufacture of partitions of different density. They are connected as a solid wall, hiding from prying eyes what is happening on the other side; are arranged at a distance from each other; use like the columns singly or in groups. Installation of the partitions needs to be away from heat sources, and the edges are winded with glue rope.

Trunks of plants, cut along the fiber, are used for decoration of the walls and ceiling in the same way as wood paneling. The material is mounted by means of any adhesive, but first it is necessary to clean from the film.

Bamboo wallpapers fit into any decor. They are a thin layer of fibers, pasted on rice paper or plain cardboard. You can choose plain wallpapers, where the texture of the material is noticeable, or with an expressive pattern.

Wall panels made of bamboo fibers, look like straw braid. They can be used even in the bathroom – they are not afraid of moisture.

This natural material looks advantageous on the floor too. But parquet tiles of compressed fibers, despite treatment, cannot withstand long-term operation. Much stronger and more durable bamboo board is, made of wood by gluing the top layer of the plant stems.

Decoration of the windows

In today’s market of textile bamboo slowly constricts the usual cotton. The interior designers suggest the use of this material for curtains.

On a sunny window blinds or roman shades will be nice. They are made in different ways. Vertical blinds are made on the same technology as bamboo wallpapers. There are Roman blinds, woven from thin fibers. Horizontal blinds made of treated parts of the stem.

Blinds and shades of bamboo have several advantages. This material is characterized by low weight and high strength; it is not fade in the sun and is not afraid of moisture.


Bamboo is suitable for the manufacture of any furniture. This is the environmentally friendly, durable, natural material like wood, but it is light in weight. In the interiors can be found bamboo:

– Tables and chairs;
– Beds;
– Nightstands and cabinets;
– Baskets and boxes in storage.

With the help of bamboo furniture you can give housing African wild or mysterious oriental flavor.


Whatever interior, the details will give it completeness. Bamboo crafts, figurines, picture frames and mirror frames, pots and vases for flowers will add a room personality. Images of this plant in shades of green will fill the room with freshness. They can be placed on cushions, bedspreads, wallpaper and curtains. In the flower shops you can purchase dracaena similar to a tropical cane.

When decorating the interior with the help of bamboo it is important to stop in time, unless the aim is to transform your home in a bungalow. It is enough to make a couple of bright accents or highlight a certain area.

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