Bar counters for kitchen

Bar counters for kitchen

It is not easy to create an original kitchen design, even if you have an unlimited budget and unlimited imagination. The small size of the typical kitchens is not conducive to the development of creative ideas. However, recently, designers have decided this question in a new way, refusing to allocate the kitchen in a separate room. Instead, they offer a contrast, to join together kitchen with dining area and sometimes with a corridor, creating, thus, large room – kitchen-studio.

Bar counters for kitchen

In addressing space design such a method, a bar is a must. Kitchen space, whose boundary is the bar, always seems more spacious, and the entire room is much cozier. Thus it is possible to solve the problem of a design choice, but it is not so simple to buy a ready-made bar counters, relevant intention of the designer, for the kitchen.

When buying the bar counter for a cafe, then there are already standard solutions, as in this case it is used as a workplace, and additional equipment is easily installed in enclosed racks. Quite a different situation, when in a furniture showroom you face a variety of bars for food, but the one the only one that fits your decor, is absent. In this case, you are given complete freedom to your imagination and creativity.

You can choose the easiest way – to ask for help to the furniture designer, or find a company, manufacturing bars for the kitchen. Provided that in the selection of material and equipment you will not be very picky, the cost of the work of specialists will not be too burdensome for your budget. The second method is more complicated, but more interesting. Try to make your own project, because you know better than anyone what you would like to see in your house, and after the preparation of the project to do all the further work with own hands.

Building materials market today provides an opportunity to choose from a huge number of countertops, decorative elements and various accessories. Kitchen bars can be made of various materials, but you must bear in mind that the quality and durability of your work depends on choice of them.

Countertops for bars can be made of different materials, but must be borne in mind that all materials have their pros and cons. For example, the tree is a very beautiful and environmentally friendly material, but has the ability to rapid contamination. Plastic trim is good to clean, but short-lived. Granite countertops will last a century, but it is expensive and requires a reinforced foundation.

In recent years, the countertops began to be made of artificial stone. This material has many valuable qualities. It is eco-friendly, moisture-proof, durable, and has many shades. Depending on the desired characteristics Polistoun, acrylic or quartz rock can be selected. The most inexpensive material is polyresin which by its characteristics is almost no way inferior to other materials, and bar tops for kitchens made of it, will serve their owners for many years.

Now there is another new material – Corian, which also applies to the representatives of types of artificial stones. This composite material is very flexible, recalls the appearance of marble, but it is more durable, and in case of damage to the surface can be sanded. It is also produced in a variety of shades.

When installing the bar, you can use the backlight then it will be a unique interior decoration, giving special warmth and creating a festive mood.

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