Bathroom faucets: choosing cleverly!

Bathroom faucets: choosing cleverly!

You face the choice of faucet for the bathroom. Note that this device was invented by William Thomson in the late nineteenth century. Years went by, it was improved, so now, manufacturers offer a huge number of models. Of course, thanks to a technological process, they differ significantly from the original one. So, you should get all the information about the diversity of faucets before visiting the store. For this you should also deal with classification.

Bathroom faucets choosing cleverly

• Twin-valve – a real classic. The faucet is equipped with two valves: for hot and cold water. This is the cheapest option, and low cost. Drawback: until you adjust the water temperature, it will be flowing, so you have additional financial costs.

• Ball device – with one handle-lever, it turns left and right to adjust the optimum water temperature and pressure. The reason for failures of such faucets is the presence of heavy metals and salts in the water.

• Thermostatic – gives the water with appropriate temperature, until you change the value.

• Sensor faucets – without any valves. You just put your hand to contactless faucet and here’s the water. It’s one of the latest innovations in the field of water supply. The faucet can be programmed to water to be flowed a few second or a bit longer after the putting your hands. Hot/cold water mixes with the help of such devices as sensors. They can be different types, and the most popular is the one with photocell. Advantages are: water of needed temperature is aesthetic and hygienic/ Touchless faucets retain their appearance much longer, as all the parts are inside the case, and you shouldn’t turn the valves. Such device is economical, because water is available only after the signal. Protective system eliminates the possibility of leaks.

Choosing a faucet, pay attention to the material of the case. Brass is a reliable and durable material for such devices, that’s not afraid of corrosion. Chrome is affordable and quality covering, and it’s also durable and hygienic.

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