Be Light on Feet: Flat-Soled Shoes

Be Light on Feet: Flat-Soled Shoes

The trend of wearing of shoes without heels has taken over the entire world and has already adhered to our country. First, even young Hollywood stars admitted that visiting award ceremonies in addition to stilettos they brought comfortable ballet shoes and trainers that safe their feet during the lasting ceremony. And then stylists took pity on women’s feet and started presenting their collections including trainers, military boots, sneakers, tennis shoes resembling sandals and wingtips, boxing boots and hiking sandals decorating with sequins.


They harmonize with luxury evening dresses of chiffon, translucent silk and other materials. The contrast between delicate organza and military boots is so great and paradoxical that women seem to be more feminine and fragile.

The flat sole quickly became very popular with women and forced high-heels out of their hearts. Now ladies try trainers with pleasure. Of course, in many flashy places such brave women of fashion will be still treated with contempt but after party finishing everyone will see who gets the last laugh. Already by the middle of the ceremony ladies wearing shocking stilettos even can’t stand but those putting on comfortable sandals float like butterflies. And they feel well next day.

Certainly, not all shoes without heels can match any dress. For instance, the silk full-length dress and sneakers look silly. Sometimes even ballet shoes can be boring and asexual. But the silk jacket-dress and leathern Oxford shoes are really stylish.

It’s obvious that it’s impossible to visit a dinner party or a secular dancing party without high-heels. But for shows, cocktail parties, award ceremonies any comfortable shoes are perfect especially if these events take place at villas or in the countryside.

Modern women easily fall in love with something new especially if it is comfortable and beautiful. All famous shoemakers have already released sneakers, loafers, ballet shoes and velvet sandals along with usual fashion range. Besides, Russian ladies unlike European women sometimes sacrifice the comfort as they want to look perfect and sexual. Furthermore, they want to have long legs and make them even longer with high heels. They feel confident wearing unbelievable stilettos so such shoes will always be in demand. However, fashion of the flat sole will definitely be accepted because their uniqueness combined with comfort will be perfect for any situations and events.

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