Beach wedding: particular event

Beach wedding: particular event

No stuffy rooms, bright photos, impressed guests and unforgettable moments are guaranteed if wedding takes place on white-sand beach near azure sea. Such wedding is for young couples, who want to enjoy their wedding day greatly. And next information is for them.

Beach wedding


First of all let’s choose color palette for wedding. In this case it should be light and airy. White, cream, golden, sand, pale grey, blue, and tiffany blue are the most beautiful colors for beach wedding.

It’s nice if young couple has a possibility to arrange not only banquet but also wedding ceremony on the beach. Marriage ceremony near sea is always gorgeous. Snow-white arch, petal path, wedding rings in seashell and also breathes of wind and washing of waves inspire young couple to arrange ceremony on the beach.

Wedding tent out of airy cloth in pastel shades will look like sale of ship in the open sea. Seashells and starfishes are great for decorating table, bouquets, and wedding gowns. All the items of sea style match durable real flowers perfectly for beach wedding decor.

It is a good idea to place yacht or boat near place where wedding will be held. They are good for decor and photo session.

Beach wedding dress

Designers haven’t missed a fact that beach wedding dresses are gaining popularity. So they offer various wonderful models of such dresses to brides.

Gowns for beach wedding look nice if they are made out of light and sheer cloth. Designers advise to prefer such fabric to heavy one. The most popular models of beach wedding dresses are with thin straps or without them at all. Bride feels comfortable in such model of the dress because she may enjoy sun and sea breeze greatly. Open back wedding dresses are also a good choice for beach wedding.

But if dresses are revealing it doesn’t mean they should be plain. Almost any decor is appropriate for revealing wedding dresses. They may be decorated with crystals and pearls, glass beads and sparkles, lace and ribbons.

The boldest brides are offered swimming suits with wrap for their wedding. In such case bridegroom should also wear suit of not classical style.

Hairstyle and make-up

Classical or strict style of hairdos should be avoided because sea wind will mess up such hairstyle quickly. Prefer natural design. Semi loose hair, free ponytail or tresses fasten with tiara, ring or pins are nice choice for beach wedding. Bride will also look perfect with easy curls plated with hairclip of flower motif.

Wedding hairdos with natural flowers are not desirable. Take into account that natural flowers may fade in two hours spending in the sun.

If you are afraid that loose hair will hide your face and spoil photos because of wind, use hairclip in sea style to plat it and let some curls fall across your shoulders.

It’s better to choose natural make-up for beach wedding. Bright red lipstick and rouge of red shades only make bride to look awkward. Aim is to achieve natural look and light shades of pink or peach tones are for this purpose.

Enjoy your beach wedding!

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