Beads made of natural pearls: charm and sophistication

Beads made of natural pearls: charm and sophistication

Pearl decorations are a classic of jewelry. They are very versatile as suitable for women of all ages, are able to blend well in every image, and are always fashionable and stylish. Beads made of natural pearls are very beautiful and truly worthy decoration, transforming with its finesse any image, adding tenderness, femininity and romance.

Beads made of natural pearls charm and sophistication

Varieties of pearl beads

1. Pearl short necklace. This thread is tight to the neck, gives the image of elegance. In a day time it is best to wear these ornaments in a row, and in the evening you can wear pearls even in several rows or create a pearl ‘collar’. Short beads are not recommended for full girls and owners of a short neck, as they visually make it even shorter. This option perfectly complements any outfit whether it everyday or evening dress, business formal suit, blouse or shirt.
2. Beads of medium length. It is better to put them with the classic style of clothing, the perfect combination is the little black dress and jewelry with length of about 45 cm.
3. Long necklace made of pearls. They are suitable for the evening long gown, but with the right combination of things they may well fit in a glamorous or casual image. Beads can be tied as a knot or wrap around the neck, creating a couple of rows of different levels. They look nicely with clothes of silk fabric.

How to pick a necklace of pearls?

When purchasing such products, it is necessary to take into account that the large stones – 7-8 mm – look harmonious on the older woman; the young lady should choose little gems of 5-6 mm. At the same time the young fashion women can easily wear either a product of round stones, or of pearls, having an asymmetrical shape. Mature women look good only with perfectly round stones.

Short beads in a row are age decoration; long models are more suitable for the young ladies.

You should be responsible with the choice of color of stones. White pearl suits everyone, especially brunettes, redheads should choose a pearl with greenish or golden tint, a girl with blond hair should choose stones of blue, cream and gray colors; owners of fair hair look harmoniously with pink pearl. Stones of black color are universal, but they look better at the women of mature age.

How to wear a pearl necklace?

1. Such decoration is easy to combine with any clothes; the main thing is that its colors were muted. And no rhinestones, beads, sequins and bright prints!
2. Everything should be in moderation. Do not abuse the pearls, wearing a lot of jewelry at once. Beads are a bright accessory; they may well be enough to highlight the personality, taste and style.
3. Mismatched color and shape of pearl beads can add extra ten years to age.
4. Depending on the length natural pearl beads can visually hide the flaws. Short decoration facilitates chin, and long one, makes silhouette more slender.

Pearl jewelry gives a special charm, elegance and aristocracy to the image, adding charm, beauty and refinement!

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