Black evening dresses

Black evening dresses

Black evening dresses have always had a special place in the women’s locker room. After all, they, like any other, highlight the exquisite taste of their owners, draping figure flaws. But to look in that dress perfectly, it is necessary to choose the right one. Today hundreds of models, made of different materials, are featured. How to find exactly your thing among this diversity?

Black evening dresses

Choosing a black evening dress for the figure type

The dress does not have to be “small”, like that one from Coco Chanel. Selection depends exclusively on the type of figure. Girls with a thin waist and shapely legs fit any dress. They can choose a short model with thin straps or without them, close-fitting shape, emphasizing the chest and waist.

If you want to create a romantic image, it is necessary to pay attention to long evening gowns. Black dress which fit the figure expanding in the knees and move into a small loop will be perfect for slim ladies. Such a product may have round or V-shaped neckline.

Curvy ladies are advised to wear black evening dresses that do not focus on the hips and at the same time close the hands. Usually these dresses have high waist and bulky skirt, with smooth loose waves: it masks stout legs and other figure flaws.

Open back is acceptable for absolutely all evening dresses. Another question is whether it always looks aesthetically pleasing. If you are overweight, you should consider whether you want to bare your back or it is better to hide behind a light stole?

Fabric for a dress

To dress would fit perfectly it should be sewn from quality fabrics. Dresses made of satin, velvet, light chiffon look showily. But dresses with delicate lace are also very popular among fashionistas.

They are either sewn from it completely, or only are decorated with it. Dresses that have lace trimmed neckline area look incredibly feminine.

Evening dresses can now be sewn from skin or even knitted. These models look very original, so to go out you should be particularly careful when picking up accessories and shoes.

Generally, if before evening dress was sewed on the classical canons: one fabric, fitted silhouette and nothing more, but now things have changed. Now dresses which simultaneously combine several different textures are in vogue. They are decorated with sequins, swan down, and glass crystals – there is nothing to limit the imagination of the designer.


If you chose a classic black dress, combine it with simple accessories. It will be enough if you use string of pearls around the neck and a thin necklace of precious stones. If the dress is sewn from skin or has a bold style, you can put on a bracelet and round earrings. In the hands you have to have velvet, satin or leather clutch bag of any color, except for black.

Such dress is advisable to wear with shoes with heels. Shoes or sandals should be only on the high heels; a small heel or flat sole in this way will not always look appropriate. Although if the girl is very tall stylists allow wearing long evening dresses with graceful ballet flats.

To look irresistibly in a black dress, its style should be chosen taking into account all the features of a figure, but at the same time not to be afraid to experiment with textures and accessories.

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