Blue color in the interior

Blue color in the interior

Severe cold blue color is not the most popular in modern interior design, but it is interesting. Blue is distinctive enough, discreet and creates a special mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Blue color in the interior

It is considered that the blue color itself, tend to surround men, but it is also suitable for women. What could be more mysterious than deep blue color, that meets you in favorite living room? Is it possible to come up with something more tender than the combination of blue with white in the little boy’s room decor?

The blue color has the ability to soothe, to balance human feelings, to relieve feeling of stress and painful thoughts. That’s why blue color is perfect for bedroom decor or lounge area in the apartment.

The bedroom can be arranged using the nautical theme, choosing a pale blue, turquoise or not too dark blue. Also, it is appropriate to decorate the ceiling with blue or bright blue in the bedroom. It can be a suspended ceiling with images of clouds in the sky or wallpapers with a view of a shining starry sky. This decision will effectively emphasize the tranquility of the room and peaceful atmosphere of the natural landscape.

The blue color is quite cold. It is undesirable to draw the walls of dark rooms only in blue tones. Premises with rich blue hues and rare direct sunlight will create a depressing and gloomy impression. If the room, which you are planning to repair, is cold itself, then it’s better to give up of blue color – it will make the room even more uncomfortable.

Blue color will be the best solution for the office. Blue with all its shades allows you to quickly concentrate on the work, casting all unnecessary thoughts aside. It is thought-provoking and inspires one to new discoveries.

The winning combination can be the duo of blue and white colors. This range looks stylish in any performance, whether it’s a deep blue color or a gentle touch of heavenly shades. The tandem of white and blue looks romantic and strict enough at the same time. Sentimental people who love the sea, will feel comfortable in the room decorated with blue and white.

Small details of gold, coral or orange colors, and marine motifs (shells, gift crafts, decorative ropes, etc.) will look impressive in these interiors.

Blue and brown, while being combined, are well in the interior. The lighter the tone, the easier and more positive it will look in this decor. Combining dark-blue wallpaper with dark wood furniture, you should be prepared, that the atmosphere in the room may become oppressive and intrusive.

The duo of blue and crimson or red will look defiant and expressive in the interior. This is a combination for people who are not afraid to shock and love to express their individuality.

Bathroom is the place in the house where the blue color is most appropriate. There’s a good chance for flight of fancy. The bathroom looks the most organic in the blue color, because it is the natural color of the water, of the sea. Walls can be tiled in blue, light blue or pale turquoise. It all will be appropriate, and will have beautiful look combining with decorative elements in nautical style.

Azure, turquoise, aquamarine color or ultramarine – this palette of shades of blue amazed with its variety and allows you to choose exactly the colors that will suit you for a comfortable room design.

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