Blue eye shadows are in fashion again

Blue eye shadows are in fashion again

The most popular color in the makeup is blue and all its options of shades. That is, the blue eye shadows are back in the world of fashion. In the new season on the catwalks, models showed bright blue shiny shadows up to the eyebrow, delicate feather of gray-blue shades around the eyes with the capture of the eyebrows and even a light haze on the forehead and cheeks, like a veil that hides the face.


It is not known who will dare to repeat what they saw on the displays in real life, but if suddenly one day someone makes a comment that eyeliner has crumbled, we can safely say that it is fashionable now. In any case, there is a reason to go to the store and buy a palette of blue shades, and in addition to them eyeliner, pencil, and colored mascara.

An interesting trend is negligent, ‘puppet’ lashes, and cat’s eye. All attention is focused on emphasizing the eye area, cheeks and lips are pale. It is important to choose a good base for makeup and monitor the cleanliness of the face tone, the skin should shine with freshness. Eyebrows are combed, the form is corrected. If they are very light, apply light pencil shading, simulating extra hairs.

The resulting shape is fixed with the gel. Getting to the design of the eye, special attention should be paid to the selection of shades. Turquoise, cobalt, cornflower blue, aquamarine, blue shine are no longer considered as a part of the evening makeup. Lines can be feathered casually, as if they were accidentally smeared, rubbed the eyes from dust particles trapped or clearly drawn in the style of Amy Winehouse. From now on there are no limits for the application technology, the motto of today’s daring fashion: creativity and freedom of expression!

Choosing the individual palette

Bright dark blue and blue eye shadows are well suited to girls with pale skin, hair of black and platinum colors. Dark blue eye shadows beautifully highlight brown or gray eyes. Green-eyed beauties suit shade of turquoise. In general, young girls have no restrictions in the choice of sparkling saturated shadows and bright eyeliner, it is permissible to use coal-black liner for the eye contour. Although aged women, perhaps, should not abuse the bright shiny eyeliner. The basic rule of the season is the emphasis on the eyes. Lipstick and gloss are as close as possible to the natural color of the lips. On the cheeks, it would be appropriate to use light bronze tone, though delicate pallor of the season is preferable.

Mousse or powder?

Mousse-shadows are convenient to use as a basis on which then easily and precisely lay down new layers for further shading. Moist and dense structure of mousses contains reflective elements which help to create a graceful transition of shades.

Powder shadows require the imposition of bases, without it they will crumble and makeup will have to be constantly done up. But if you follow the rules and do not forget about using wet tonal cosmetics, powder shadows will make it possible to mix colors in an infinite number of harmonious options.

Women of fashion will also need: the liquid eyeliner, soft pencil, dry liner of all shades of blue.


The eye contour is emphasized with bright blue arrows for creation of which you can use several techniques:

– Dry liner is convenient to apply with a wet brush,
– Liquid eyeliner allows you to create clear graphic images,
– Bold eyeliner can be used instead of the shadows, but at the same time requires the mandatory use of a dense base and very accurate application.

Mysterious shimmering

Technique of several shades to achieve the effect of color games can be different. Some stylists insist on using professional makeup brushes, others flatly refuse to support tools and rely only on manual dexterity, applying layer after layer using fingertips.

To achieve shimmering transitions you should choose two shades of blue (one lighter and the other two shades darker). First apply light shade which is shaded around the eyelid, and in the folds of the upper eyelid, add the layer of dark blue shadows.

The basic rule: feather must be careful to remain a feeling of lightness. Gentle image requires a delicate blending of colors. Combine blue and dark blue shadows with eyeliner or mascara of black color is not recommended because it will look rough. It is better to apply the liner of dark blue or indigo color.

Interrupted line

Extravagant, eye-catching image is easy to create with the help of eyeliner of electric blue color. You’ll need to draw line from the inner corner of the eye by a third, and then from the outside is also a third, leaving the space between the lines. You can not to use a mascara at all, or select its brown shade. Today, the points on the eyelids and torn arrows have become a fixture of the fashion; there may be a few options. Dark blue shadows applied by a thin line in the inner corner of the eye in the first third of the lower eyelid in conjunction with the line, rising corner of the eye, drawn from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer edge, look very interesting. This makeup attracts the attention because the sight becomes very expressive. In others there is an involuntary desire to keep up with every flick of the eyelashes of the extravagant beauty.

Color blending is in fashion

Electricians, turquoise, azure, cobalt, and cornflower – all of the above is actually. But do not stop on the selected shade. Boldly combining colors you can create your own chameleon palette. The great mix of green, cream shadows, over which the blue shade is superimposed, looks great. Blue base with the addition of lilac color will make the eyelid dark and on the upper eyelid complex color with a smooth transitions remains.


When applying pink color under the blue shadow, you can get shade with purple or bright purple hue. To create a soft, mysterious image, engage a mix of blue and turquoise shadows: first apply on mobile eyelid, the second on the fold area and the stationary part. Feather will create the desired effect.

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