Blusher – is the perfect finishing touch of the perfect makeup!

Blusher – is the perfect finishing touch of the perfect makeup!

All women want to have a beautiful face skin and a smooth tone. But due to environmental problems, stresses and lack of sleep they don’t have it always. And what to do? Blusher will come up in this situation. How to choose these cosmetic correctly?

Blusher – is the perfect finishing touch of the perfect makeup

Blusher and its types

Blusher is the kind of cosmetics, without which every modern girl is so difficult to do. It can be used to simulate the face, give it a healthy and fresh look. Here are the main types of blusher:

1. Dry (compact, loose or balls-kind). It’s easy to apply with a special brush, suitable for normal and oily skin, should be applied to powdered face.

2. Liquid. They must be used carefully, blending after applying with fingers, because it dries very quickly. You should use it with a concealer. Liquid blusher is water-resistant and suitable for oily skin.

3. Gel. Silicone based, lend the shimmering, recommended for all skin types, should be applied with fingers.

4. Creamy. Ideal for dry skin, giving it a healthy glow and shine.

Shades of blusher

When choosing a blusher, it’s extremely important to choose the correct tone – you always need to ensure, that it matches the color of the lipstick. Fair-skinned blondes should choose a cool makeup palette – pale pink, coral or apricot. Red-haired and brunette will be good with warm blusher tones, for example, peach, beige or golden. The brunettes look great in terracotta or options with a hint of chocolate.

Rules of using a blusher

To determine the areas of the face to apply the blusher, you need to stretch your lips in a relaxed smile. Protruding parts should be emphasized with a color accent, and shaded towards the temples.

In order to soften the angularity of rectangular of square face, apply blusher on the cheekbones, shading it horizontally down on the lower part of the chin and edges of the forehead. If the face is round, you should apply it from the temples to the eyes. It’s desirable to avoid the nose area, while applying. In any case there is one main rule – not overdo and not make a light, healthy glow in bright spots on the face.

How to choose a blusher?

You should always monitor the quality and expiration date of the product, buying it only from a retailer. It’s recommended to choose a blusher with mineral substances. They are suitable for everyone, don’t clog pores and protect the skin. It’s better to buy several options of makeups – various shades. The best options for summer and spring are bright, light tones, and for the winter and autumn – darker intense. In the cold season you shouldn’t use blusher with the gold particles, because your face skin may look like green in the winter light. High-quality paint is easy to lie, don’t roll, stay for long but they are easily washed off with a cleaner for removing makeup.

Many women don’t think, that blusher is necessary, and they don’t use it. Indeed, this type of cosmetics is the last finishing touch of perfect female makeup.

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