Body – an elegant and practical garment in your wardrobe

Body – an elegant and practical garment in your wardrobe

Body – is not nothing, but a blouse. Using this simple solution, it turns out that body is a very convenient and practical element of your wardrobe. In recent years, a body has become trendy again.

Body – an elegant and practical garment in your wardrobe

This type of clothes is no longer associated with bath clothes or underwear. A modern girl has a wide range to choose from. Starting from the body, resembling usual sexy tops, decorated with lace or transparent inserts, they have turned into an elegant shirt. It’s worth mentioning that in cool and cold days, this garment is a particularly important part of the wardrobe. Why is it advisable to wear body in the cold season? The answer is simple. Due to its very low fastening , your back and stomach are always protected from cold, even if you bend down or put your hands up.

The range of body models is so wide that we can easily use it for any occasions. These clothes are suitable for wearing in combination with various types of trousers, shorts and skirts. A fastener, located in the crotch area, enables to hide all the wrinkles at the waists and to model a perfect silhouette. As a rule, body is made of natural and pleasant materials, which enable us to feel free and it doesn’t hinder our motions. This provides a great comfort, when using such type of clothes.

Body for women, working in offices

Body will be very useful for women, who due to their working area, have to wear elegant and professional conservative suits. A fastener, located under panties, enables to make a shirt fit pefectly. You can forget about clumsy folds on your clothes, which appear in the waist area every time you rise from a chair, raise hands or make other movements. Women don’t have to worry that a shirt will pop out of your trousers or skirt and thereby strip a part of the body, which will look inaesthetic.

Body-blouses for any style

Another multi-function garment in your wardrobe will be traditional body-blouses. Sole-colored, smooth body with long or 3/4 sleeves, such body-blouses will match any style. They look perfect under a sweater or a jacket. Lacy or transparent inserts will make this blouse look more piquantly. You can choose several options for sexual body: with lace sleeves and triangular or circular inserts in the neck area. Another option – a body, wholly made of lace or a transparent grid with a fabric insert on the chest. Form-fitting body with a zipper will also look sexual.

Body for physical exercise
This type of clothes is also perfect for going in for sports. Body with thick straps will provide complete freedom of movement while exercising zumba or pilates, thanks to being fixed by the hooks. The elastic material of which body is made, eliminates potential injuries or brushes. In a gym or a fitness club, you can use classic cotton body with thick straps as well.

Erotic body for heating up the atmosphere in bedroom

Office, gym or restaurant – these are not the only places, where body will be the perfect garment to wear. Women can wear them also in bedroom. Erotic body – is the perfect solution for women, who are ashamed to showcase the whole body. Body effectively hides unwanted wrinkles, narrow the belly or waist. A woman, dressed in erotic body, feels attractive and self-confident. Witty necklines, transparent or lace inserts, lacing or leather elements will influence a man’s imagination better than any of bare bodies. Body with the front part, decorated with paillettes , looks extremely effective.

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