Bouquet of roses is the best gift!

Bouquet of roses is the best gift!

A bouquet of roses will become the best gift for every woman. This beautiful flower is known for its pleasant aroma and variety of shapes and colors. Its length and profusion of flowering is one of the main advantages. The rose was highly appreciated throughout the centuries. People dedicated poems, and composed tales and legends. The extraordinary beauty or roses made it the favorite among the other flowers. There are a huge variety of species nowadays. This wonderful flower has several thousand varieties – the breeders have already lost themselves on calculations.

Bouquet of roses is the best gift

Not surprisingly, that rose with all its diversity and beauty is the best gift for the beloved woman, mother, girl. A bouquet of roses may be given no only for the holidays, because it’s a beautiful way to show your love and care at any time. In addition, roses perfectly raise the mood of those, who get such gifts and allow to win the heart of beauty.

Forming a bouquet of roses, you need to consider some points:

• The number of colors;
• Mix of colors;
• Form and shape of flower.

The buds of universal form are especially popular. The base of this rose is lower than the height of the bud. When the flower blooms – the center of long petals comes at foreground, forming a cone.

Cup-shaped flower – such bud has a uniform height and width. The flower is more rounded – its petals concave in the middle and the core is not pronounced. If the height of the flower is smaller than its base – bud is of rosette-like shape. The square is divided into sectors. The flat one has a concave core, that allow you to see the stamens.

Choosing a bouquet of roses, you should pay attention to the color. Every shade carries a particular message.

White roses speak mean purity and tenderness of feeling. You can give it to a woman of any age. White roses are the gift for the newlyweds.

Red roses are the symbol of passionate love. This is one of the most popular shades. The combination of red and white roses means love, loyalty and tenderness. Scarlet and burgundy roses have more intense shade of red. They are given to idols, for people, that you not just love, but worship and adore.

Pink roses in the bouquet allow you to express sympathy, especially if the buds are not disclosed. They symbolize sophistication and elegance.

Yellow roses signify care and support. A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect way to reconcile with loved ones.

You need to understand that the number of flowers in the bouquet also means a great role. One bright red flower is a passionate declaration of love. If the bouquet consists of twelve buds, it speaks about gratitude, reverence and respect. A bouquet of 25 roses is giver for various events and holidays. And the 50 buds are the symbol of sincere love that will last forever. The 101 roses in the bouquet is unusual and lovely gift that will bring a lot of joy and will be remembered for years to come.

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