Boyfriend jeans: a versatile outfit!

Boyfriend jeans: a versatile outfit!

Jeans are one of the most convenient, practical and versatile clothing items. Many years ago they settled in the women’s wardrobe and are unlikely to come out of it. Current proposals are presented by many models of different styles. But one of the most fashionable is boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans a versatile outfit!

What are the boyfriend jeans?

In a style they resemble ordinary men’s jeans. Have a direct, free cutting, tend to the low waist, a minimum of decorative elements, but may be worn and holes. Classic colors are blue and light blue.

Whom these jeans fit?

By themselves, these jeans are very courageous option, so, mostly young girls, who are not afraid of attention, choose them. Wide options are for everyone: very slim girls, as their baggy style emphasizes the slender waist and hide at the same time excessive thinness; ladies of normal build, because they can perfectly diversify the female wardrobe; lush ladies are also not necessary to give them up, because they can be used to hide the volume of the thigh.

How and what to wear with?

This item of clothing is to choose for parties, meeting friends, going to the movies or shopping. They do not quite fit for business office style, outing, or to the theater.

With boyfriend jeans you can make a lot of everyday fashion looks in various styles. The main rule is that they should be worn with a fitted top, otherwise excessive awkwardness will hide figure, making the image formless.

One of the simplest and most obvious look is combination of the boyfriend with a simple T-shirt or top and sneakers. To image was bolder, it is enough to supplement it with a cap or baseball cap.

The combination of these models with the top, added with a jacket, waistcoat and jacket in military style, is perfect for bright rebels.

Do not be afraid to combine coarse men’s jeans and feminine blouses; such contrast will make the image more refined. Correctly selected jewelry will complete it. Excess brutality of these things can easily be diluted with high heel shoes. Together with a romantic, light blouse and blazer it is possible to create a soft and gentle image.

For everyday attire it is enough to put a simple form-fitting top and a jacket of bright or muted colors, adding a set with high heel shoes. Rough knitted sweater looks excellent with wide jeans. Now it became fashionable to tuck them, exposing ankles, and tuck the front of the sweater into the belt, creating soft folds. The last details will be shoes and wide-brimmed hat.

In cold season jeans of male cut can easily be combined with a coat, raincoat, leather jacket or a fur vest.

What kind of shoes should be worn with boyfriend?

We can say with confidence that with these jeans any shoes, suitable in style to the rest of the elements of attire, can be combined. The choice is great: shoes and sneakers, classic pumps and sandals, wedges shoes, boots and rough boots.

The main advantage of jeans boyfriends is versatility! On their basis, you can combine a large number of fashionable and relevant images in a variety of styles. It is worth only to experiment slightly!

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