Bracelets: Unique Bijouterie

Bracelets: Unique Bijouterie

There’s no girl in the world who isn’t a fool for such a special type of bijouterie as bracelets. And it’s not surprising that with a beautiful and original bracelet you can not only complete the look but also turn attention to arms’ delicacy and fineness.


In fact, bracelets are the universal type of bijouterie because in contrast with pendants or necklaces they are not necessary to match one or another dress. They can easily become a unique part of any ensemble.

As for bracelets advantages, it’s worth noting that their prices are lower than the prices of makes of gold or other precious metals. This means that any woman who even has not so high income can afford several universal bracelets which are perfect for her dresses.

Modern bijouterie’s makers offer several types of bracelets:

Bangles on Wrists:

These bracelets enjoy popularity and are in requisition. They can be wide or narrow, concolorous or embossed, pieceless or consisting of separate parts, but, all the same, a chosen bracelet should accentuate its owner’s beauty and suit to her look perfectly.

Bangles on Ankles:

As a rule, bangles on ankles are used in the warm season so their appearance is adapted to modern woman’s summer wardrobe to the maximum. Such bracelets are often additionally decorated with special chain on a finger or clinking pendants.

Upscale Bracelets

Upscale bijouterie has always been in demand and it’s not surprising at all because sometimes unique bracelets’ beauty and elegance can even eclipse the real golden or platinum jewellery. By the way, it’s worth noting that the prices of such high-end bracelets are much higher that the prices of universal bijouterie.

Nowadays bracelets are made of different materials. In the first place, of course, bracelets of beads are in demand. Accessories with some spirit are also popular, they are those which are created not only for making their owner’s look more striking but also for protecting her.

So, for instance, some bracelets are considered to have healing powers or to be some original amulet protecting a woman from diseases, basilisk-glance and spoiling. Some accessories of this type are used as talismans bringing luck and fortune.

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