Bubbles show: a fairy tale wedding!

Bubbles show: a fairy tale wedding!

Today, the younger generation from early childhood is busy with computers and other gadgets. The parents of the modern kids at their young age had other fun, such as soap bubbles. The show at the wedding, arranged with the help of such thing, guarantees fun, joy and children’s laughter!

Bubbles show a fairy tale wedding

Then and now

In the past, any child could make a magic liquid of ordinary soap and water, and then use a straw to perform miracles in front of classmates and friends. Better yet, the magic happened, if the parents gave a jar of ready liquid and a special device attached to the lid. With it, you could unleash a lot of little colored balls or try to blow the real giant ball.

Fortunately for all, the ability to blow the bubbles did not disappear, on the contrary, modern technology has elevated it to the rank of art, even if the short-term. Today at all celebrations, including wedding, soap bubbles show is a popular pastime, underwhelming both children, and adults.

Specialists are invited to birthday parties, corporate events and weddings. Yes, it’s a magical celebration of birth of a new family! Weddings include a variety of fun, competitions, music, deflation balloons or doves in the sky. Show of bubbles also slowly rises higher in the ranking of entertainment at such events.

Technique is on the verge of fantasy

It seems that there is nothing special in blowing of soap bubbles. In fact, things are not so simple – it is a serious work, training, development, and search for new attractions. The show requires a special solution, not being prepared from a conventional soap, and a variety of devices to achieve different effects.

If the newlyweds have decided to entertain themselves and guests with this unusual show, firstly, they have to consider the proposals, compare programs, tricks and prices, and secondly, it is necessary to clarify what the technical conditions are necessary for entertainment, and third, all the participants of the festival are required to be prepared for the unexpected surprises in the form of water droplets.

Cheerful interactive

Often the show-program of animator working in this genre is composed of two parts. In the first half he shows a variety of tricks and stunts, where soap bubbles appear as ‘actors’. In the second part of the bubbles show at wedding guests and the newlyweds are invited to take part in it. The most popular tricks include:

– Tamed bubbles, that is, moving obediently after the hand of animator;
– A rain of bubbles – a show, loved by the smallest of wedding guests;
– Giant soap bubbles, amazing for their size;
– People are in a bubble – most often it is a couple in love.

In addition, that the animator shows tricks with bubbles, he may invite the assistants of the number of guests who will feel a real magician. Among the technical specifications of the show may be air conditioning and ventilation off, closing windows, the use of pyrotechnics or smoke devices that prevent the formation of bubbles.

Show of bubbles at a wedding by a single stroke of animator with ‘magic wand’ will transform any, even the most modest celebration in a real fairy tale!

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