Burgundy color bedroom design

Burgundy color bedroom design

Bedroom in a burgundy color – is the original and unusual, difficult, time-consuming, but extremely effective design decision. Burgundy color is not often used for decoration of the bedroom, as many consider it as quite “heavy” and rich. But fans of the burgundy shade are sure that this extremely luxurious shade is ideal for interior decoration of bedroom. And it’s difficult to disagree with this opinion.

Burgundy color bedroom design

Burgundy color has long been using for the decoration of luxurious royal palaces, the royal and princely dormitories. This rich color has acquired much popularity during the gothic era, becoming the consummate personification of the mystical beauty and mystery.

Despite the fact that the middle ages are long gone, elegant shade doesn’t lose its positions, being one of the most fascinating and unusual. Today, the burgundy color is considered as a symbol of luxury, refinement, sophistication, often used for interior decoration of the apartments and cottages.

Burgundy color and the character of a person

Burgundy is one of the most complex and intense colors. It has extensive color palette consisting of several shades:

• Cherry;
• Wine;
• Burgundy;
• Rowan;
• Ruby.

Each of these shades is characterized by extraordinary depth, richness and expressiveness. The interior of a bedroom combining several shades of burgundy will be original and extraordinary option.

Burgundy color is a confidence and determination. This shade is preferred by the intelligent, confident people, who value the dignity and consistency. Characteristics of this tone differ from scarlet or deep red – burgundy color doesn’t get a bold passion and provocation. Bedroom interior in burgundy style looks very elegant, sets the love and positive thoughts.

Burgundy tone is a compound of red and brown, so this color has absorbed many of the features of these two shades. Cheerfulness, calm and confidence – a burgundy bedroom interior has right these effects.

Solid burgundy color is rarely used for interior design, it’s usually dilute by another, more calm and relaxing segments of the color gamut. Burgundy shade looks new in combination with different colors.

Combination of burgundy color with other shades features

Burgundy shade pairs well with other tones of colors. Such combinations can be very diverse.

Burgundy color bedroom design

• Combination with gold, camel, beige, cream, sunny yellow shades will make the bedroom warm, cozy, conducive to rest and relaxation.
• Exclusive combination of burgundy with shiny gold or silver will give the room a touch of luxury and gentility.
• Burgundy and black – is an elegant and simple mix, accentuating the classic nobility and consistency of the interior.
• The combination of burgundy and green color scheme – olive, marsh, azure undertones – gives an original, unexpected effect.
• In order to get the interior in elegant, noble, solemn tones, white and burgundy colors should be combined in the interior.
• The combination of burgundy tones with pink or more pink shades looks very well. This bedroom is undoubtedly ideal for the young, romantic and sensitive women with refined taste.
• Burgundy and grey – is a versatile combination, that will perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom both a city apartment and a country house.

The specifics of using burgundy color in the interior

Today, Bordeaux is widely used for decoration of various areas and rooms, including bedrooms. This noble shade blends in well with various interior styles, allowing you to safely experiment and try new options.

Bordeaux is coming to an elegant, classic style, filled with laconic simplicity and minimalism most advantageously. Art-deco bedroom, made of purple shades looks no less impressive.

Characteristic elements of this stylistic direction are the abundance of decorative elements, the use of a variety of textures and materials – glass, metal, wood, natural stone, as well as the active use of different prints and patterns.

A large bedroom is more preferred for the classical style, as classic interior design requires sufficient space. A great addition to the classic style of the interior will be a massive bed decorated with heavy carved four-poster bed or headboard, columns, beautiful statues, a large, elegant chandelier in the center of the room. It is necessary to select natural fabrics and materials – wood, stone, marble, glass, metal, velvet, silk for bedroom in classical style.

Fans of stylish and restrained minimalism also should not refuse of the exquisite burgundy color while making the bedroom. For example, you can cover the walls with burgundy hue without any prints, but for the decoration of walls you can use decorative plaster. The main condition of the minimalist interior is and easiness. The room should contain only those items and elements that are really needed.

Burgundy color bedroom design

Burgundy bedroom in country style will be a great option – this “rustic” style is filled with simplicity, warmth and comfort, that are great to accentuate the rich hue of Bordeaux. It is important to remember the basic rule – a bright and deep shade should be used carefully, because the excess burgundy can deprive the room of tranquility and relaxation.

Cotton curtains, embroidered cushions in different sizes, accessories of dried flowers, simple furniture made of natural wood, plaid prints, wicker rocking chair, an abundance of flowers will perfectly accentuate the ustic ease and comfort of burgundy bedroom country style. In order to get the organic combination of rich burgundy color with the country style, it should be combined with warm, pastel colors – milk, sand, wheat.

The Provence style for its characteristics has a certain similarity with the country style. Furniture is characterized by simple and concise forms, with tracery carved back and legs, natural materials, textiles with a deliberately rough texture. Calm and pastel colors are often used for Provence style.
“Dilute” it with sensual burgundy shades, and your bedroom will “play” with new, unexpected colors.

Pop art – is the perfect style for all fans of originality and creativity. Pop art is a vast scope for different color experiments.

The bulky murals on the walls, large bright posters, artistic paintings, the abundance of large and small pillows, lamps, unexpected forms are the characteristic elements of the ultra-fashion style.

All this, done in burgundy tones, perfectly demonstrates the beauty, liveliness and creativity of the interior.

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