Casual style: how to express your image!

Casual style: how to express your image!

Now there are a lot of different styles of clothing that are popular.

Casual style how to express your image

And one of such style decisions is called casual. However, not all the clothes worn by the woman every day can be attributed to this style. Typically, casual includes a very fine line, which is to create an elegant image with shades of a certain carelessness and looseness.

Regarding the history of this style there are many opinions. Most agree that casual was accidentally invented by British football fans in the 70s. At the time it was very fashionable to be a fan of football, and on the basis of common interests, such people are united in a kind of subculture, which gave rise to this style of clothing.

Recommendations regarding the selection of style elements:

1. Casual is a direction that eliminates all kinds of manifestations of glamor. Rhinestones on jeans or too many of shiny jewelry are absolutely inappropriate. As for shoes, there is also a ban on high heels and defiant platform. Preference should be given to the shoe without heels.
2. The casual style accepts using of incongruous elements, emphasize, however, it should not look sloppy and slipshod.
3. Each image must be carefully matched depending on the particular case. The appearance of the woman, adhering to this style, should vary for different situations.

The main directions of casual style:

1. Sports. Denim items and various women’s shirts that combine with knitted sweaters, sneakers and hats and caps are often used as part of this type.
2. Casual of business orientation. This is one of the most occurring trends of our times. It includes democratic lightness combined with strict classics.
3. Casual chic. To create an image in this direction things from expensive high-quality materials with hints of minimalism and simplicity are commonly used.
4. Smart casual is the style direction, which can be used in various situations, including for business meetings. It is permissible to use scarves, a variety of earrings in the background of cardigan over a strict shirt.

Thus, the ability to master the rules of use and comfortable and at the same time elegant casual style is available to any woman!

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