Cats are great home manipulators

Cats are great home manipulators

Relations between cats and humans have several decades, during which time the cats have learned not only to make us happy, but also to really manipulate us.

Cats are great home manipulators

The researchers carefully examined the behavior and analyzed the degree of playfulness of cats and sociability of their owners, concluded that cats and humans have a significant impact on each other. For example, the maximum consensus was noted in the relationship between the young, the most active and sociable cats, and open women. They can understand each other perfectly, for example, highly raised cat’s tail means excitement, friendly attitude and a desire to caress. Mistress feels it intuitive and gives the animal the communication that it requires, any food, which, by the way, the cats are able to elicit a very cleverly.

However, a group of researchers from Cornell University have gone further in studying the issue of relations between cat and human, in particular, the ability of cats to manipulate people. They came to the very impressive results, as it turns out, cats use their ‘meow’ to each person in their own way, depending on the particular situation!

Nicholas Nicastro, a researcher, a long time studying of the language of cats, came to the conclusion that their communication is built on the principle of intonation impact. That is, depending on the circumstances, the cat uses the most ‘appropriate’ tone. Gathering several options of cat meows, Nicastro recorded them on tape and made to listen to a group of people. Conclusions struck him: it turns out, sounds, unpleasant for interviewees were recorded at the time when the cat is either required or tried to influence the person somehow to get him some immediate action. The most pleasant sounds from the cat, as it turned out, you can hear when it asks him anything it needs, for example, asks for heat in the winter or if it is hungry. That is, like an animal ‘presses on the pity’.

However, as we know, meowing and gestures that’s not all, what cats can do. The main asset of these hidden manipulators is, of course, purring. This sound, of course, is very pleasant to the human ear. Dr Karen McComb, working at the University of Sussex in Britain, wrote that the sound of the cat’s purr has the same frequency as the sound of children crying, therefore causing people’s anxiety and subconscious instinct to take care of the cat. It turned out that when the cat is hungry, this signal becomes stronger and, as a result, has even greater impact on the person.

So who of us, as it turned out, the main in the house, we or cat?

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