Children’s room interior for a girl

Children’s room interior for a girl

Furnishings of a children’s room should be quiet and comfortable, not to annoy a little girl or cause no aggression. Even despite the fact that most girls are fond of bright colors and lots of accessories, after thorough consideration, you can create a rather beautiful design that any little dweller will surely like.

Children’s room interior for a girl

Many parents think that a children’s room for a girl should certainly be decorated in pink shades. However, modern psychologists claim that such an atmosphere will overstrain and irritate a child.

Moreover, many girls like completely different colors. If a child is old enough to find out her tastes and preferences, it’s very important to take them into consideration. Green and blue shades are considered to be the most suitable for a children’s room decoration. It’s advisable to prefer sandy or cream-colored curtains.

Special attention should be paid to choosing harmonious and beautiful bed clothing and textiles. If a child has no clear preferences for clothing color and pattern, it’s acceptable to use any models.

On textiles a child’s favorite fairy tale or cartoon characters can be drawn.

Safe and durable furniture is the basis of a comfortable and practical children’s room. It’s of crucial importance that a furniture set should made of natural and safe materials. Shapes, lines and contours of the furniture should be smooth, soft and rounded. Sharp edges and salient angle can become the cause of accidents and injuries to a child.

In a girl’s room, not only a bed is necessary, but also a dressing table with mirror, desk with chair, wardrobe and chest of drawers for clothes, shelves for toys. In a children’s room it’s better to use folding or sliding furniture, which helps to save space. Such a furniture set can be taken into pieces and put away, when no longer in use. An excellent option is modern transformer furniture.

A harmonious children’s room cannot do without the accessories and decorations. It’s nice to complete the design with children’s drawings or photographs on the wall. Vases, figurines and artificial flowers will become great decorations as well.

On comfort and coziness of a children’s room will depend the mood and well-being of a girl who will live there. Therefore it’s of key importance to create an interior that will appeal to a little girl and will bring her positive emotions.

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